Evil to Cut?

  1. I just got my very first B-bag! A City in rouille from Shirise. Would it be evil to cut my tassels? I basically want to cut the tassle in half and put that length on the main zippers. I also want to cut the front pocket tassel into thirds and then used that. Is that evil?!?

    I get that people think it makes the bag... But they bug me a little...
  2. i've always thought of doing that too, bc i don't like the length of the tassels, but i've never had the guts to do it! :Push:
    right now i just have mine knotted an extra time or two to shorten them.
  3. My philosophy is- it's your bag, so you do what you want with it. :yes: I like letting mine hang, but I own a pretty old flat brass and the tassles are so thin- I just want to chop off some and tie it along with the one that's already on there. Whatever you do, I don't suggest braiding your handles...
  4. No, I prefer shorter tassels on mine and cut them straight away. If I change my mind there's always the spares. :noworry:
  5. I did cut my tassles so that they end with the bag and I like it. So I can switch to the spare tassles if I want them longer and sometimes I do that. At the moment I've put the long tassles to my city. On my first I did this as well because IMO it looks stupid with the long ones. I think the long tassles look better with the city.
  6. I like them hanging. It's really up to you. I think the hanging is a part of the idea of balenciaga.
  7. i say, it's your bag baby, do whatever you want :yes:
  8. i thought of cutting mine too - I grew to like them

    I agree with the "it's your bag" philosophy. Hell, I colored the interior seem on my black city black because the seam was white and annoying the hell out of me. You can in no way tell it's colored, and it looks a bajillion times better. I mean, seriously, it's my bag - I can do with it what I want ;)
  9. I would agree you should do what you are comfortable with, if you carry the bag and anything else in your hands at the same time, the
    tassles can definitely get in the way...you should cut them if you it works better for you :yes: :smile:
  10. Yes- it's your bag so do what you like! I personally love the long tassels but understand how they get in the way. I am never going to cut mine b/c I love them so much.
  11. I agree--it's your bag. But the tassles are part of what makes the bag for me. I would never cut them. (The thought of it does make me cringe a little I have to admit...)
  12. Cut away! You do have spares anyways!
  13. Susan-eric- I know- I cringe at the thought of cutting them!!!
  14. I think you should cut it if that floats your boat. Everything to personalize your bag is great!
  15. I would road-test for a while with the long tassels before breaking out the scissors. I was a bit self conscious about the tassels on my bag at first, but I've grown to love them. If you carry the bag for a few days and still feel they must go, by all means chop away!