Evidence sunny for women?

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  1. I just bought silver conspiration pilot and pomme gina sunnnies, and can't stop lusting for more! Anyways, I saw/tried on Evidence sunny in Black the other day and liked them pretty well. But I'm a little worried that they are men's glasses and a bit too masculine for women(esp. me being Asian, these sunny may look ridiculous)? I was told white and grey are coming soon..... I searched the forum to see the modeling pics of women wearing evidence, but couldn't find them.

    Are there any girls who own the evidence sunny? Do you like them? I would love to see some modeling pics!!!:graucho::graucho:
  2. I think it also depends on how big it looks on you because since it's fairly large it could fill your whole face and then it would look really strange
  3. not sure on the evidence but congrats on the gina's my friend just got 2 ...pomme and teal they are sooo pretty on her. she has black hair and they both look wonderful I just ordered the obsession in honey. im a redhead so im hoping they will look good.
  4. I think it depends on the individual's look & style. I bought the Evidence in black and, while I liked them, they didn't quite suit me. I gave them to my daughter and they look fabulous on her. She gets compliments every time she wears them.
  5. plt you should post a pic of your daughter with them!

    ive seen a handful of petite girls wearing them and they look great! more in bordeaux though than black. The boys i have seen mostly with black!

    im not a girl, but what the heck! :sweatdrop: heres a photobooth shot of me with them!
    (pic is attached)

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  6. That pair is perfect on you, clearstatic! :tup:
  7. but you wear your evidences very well too freshmess!

    come on ladies, post your pics! i know tosh has a couple evidences!
  8. Thanks! Gina is wonderful, I didn't know they come in Teal. I saw them in Turquoise online but no teal....must be really pretty! I do like obsession, too and honey is a great versatile color!
  9. Clearstatic and freshmess, you 2 look great with evidence!
    Any girls with evidence with modeling pics yet????
  10. I have! And love it! And yes, you can't get enough of LV sunnies..:graucho:
  11. Supa cool

  12. ^^You tow guys look awesome!!!
    OP There are pictures of Rhianna and Alicia Keys wearing the evidence sunnies here on tpf if not you can google it. That way you can maybe get an idea, since none of our female members have posted pics.
  13. You guys look great! Winotty, some people can pull them off and some can't. I know I couldn't because I have a slim face
  14. Thanks, man. :supacool:

    Can't wait to see pics of our ladies with the Evidence.
  15. I have the Evidence in black and I love them.
    I had the maroon ones also, but I sold them.
    I am wearing them in my avatar pic. I can post a bigger pic if you want.