Evidence sunny for women?

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  1. These suit you really well!

    Wow, I'm surprised; Evidence looks sooo masculine, but you pull it off amazingly!

    Maybe I should go try it on as well...I'm in :love: with my Gina's and I'm planning on getting the Pomme, but I realllllly like the look of Evidence's...Hmm, decisions, decisions...
  2. tosh, you look really great with evidence...that's the maroon pair you are wearing?
    Maroon might make the sunny look a little more feminine than black i guess. My choice is b/w black and white, may go with black since white sunny is VERY hard to pull off.

    I'll try to google for some pics now!
  3. Thanks.
    Yes, that is the maroon pair that I have on.
    I hope that you get yourself a pair :smile:
  4. Here I am wearing the Evidence sunglasses. Although, I think my daughter rocks them better than I do!


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  5. You look gorgeous and absolutely happy, pltprincess!!! :smile::smile::smile:
  6. Thanks, freshmess!! I do try to enjoy my life.
  7. OMG, I think they would totally suit a Woman! These are the only sunnies I would get if II could afford them, I love buying men's sunnies all the time (preferably the Aviator types)..

    If they look good on you, don't worry about anything else!
  8. I say get them if they look good for your face structure. Half of pulling it off is the attitude!!

  9. looks duper cool.... make me wan to buy one too:P