Everyone know the outnet website?

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  1. I just tried The Outnet last week and found it excellent! The shipping is very fast. One grouse, though, is that, my box came smashed up. But my dress was beautifully wrapped up in layers of tissue so no harm came to it. The items are authentic and condition is good. A definite recommend!
  2. That's great information to know! I'll visit the website this Friday :smile:
  3. Same issue for me! My boots are beautiful and the shipping was fast, but my box is pretty much ruined :/ Oh well! I didn't buy the boots for the box.
  4. anyone returned stuff to outnet before?

    i don't understand this line in their email:

    1. Book your collection with DHL before your RMA number expires on June 16th 2011. To find the telephone number of your nearest DHL branch, visit www.dhl.com and select your country. Don't forget to quote our account number, 950813062.

    is that number the outnet's DHL account or what? rather confused...
  5. ^ Yes that is the DHL account number.