Everyone know the outnet website?

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  1. Hi, everyone I just saw the outnet website but I am not sure they sold genuine stuffs coz I am interested something that's great price to bargain like net-a porter on sale.Anyway I need any opinion or some advice for other website as well .Thank you so much :biggrin:
  2. Really!! I didn't know before .Anyway Thank you for your help juneping and I am still waiting for any ideal :biggrin:
  3. its authentic merchandise.
  4. Many thanks materialgurl ;)
  5. thank you for the share nice thread.
  6. anyone shop on outnet frequently...? do discounted items go on further discount if they don't sell?
  7. I hust got mail today..they offer an extra 50% discount at the checkout on alot of AW stuff and other designers
  8. don't they just get outnet stuff? like how loehmanns gets items from barneys?
  9. The Outnet is authentic and offers great discounted stuff... I wouldn't worry about shopping on there.
  10. I bought both pairs of my Louboutin on Outnet and they're authentic and I got them for a great price, go for it.
  11. Yes, the Outnet is an authentic site. I have friends who have placed orders and everything went fine. I just placed my first order yesterday, can't wait to receive my item!
  12. not counting checkout discounts... do they ever further discount the discounted stuff?
  13. I bought a Emilio Pucci tunic top, Roberto Cavalli caftan dress, Stella McCartney baby-doll cardigan, Dian Von Furstenberg wool dress, Lee Angel necklace from the Outnet and all of them were 100% authentic!
    These items were originally sold at Net-a-Porter, but the company sent them to the Outnet after so many months on the market.
    So I got most of these for 70% off from the original price!! ;)
    They were in good conditions--
  14. theOutnet is awesome! I've gotten three pairs of Louboutins from them, as well as a McQ skirt and jumpsuit, See by Chloe trousers, Karl Lagerfeld jeans and belt... all authentic and wonderfully priced. And they have an excellent customer service team, too.

    Typically, they "further discount the discounted stuff" on their "weekend shop-in" sales. Every Friday, they have a theme (like workwear, or casual wear, party wear, or the like), and they offer an additional 30%-50% on a selection of items that fit that theme. I think that's the only time they ever really further the discounts on things, though, so if there's a piece that you have your eye on, it's really up to chance whether you'll see it discounted further.