Evercolour Leather

  1. Still on holiday .. but will do it once i getback home
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  2. thank you for posting! never thought about evercolor would come out ok in hot humid rain weather... I have been looking for Fjord leather B/ K but my SA/SM said very hard to find it now. Evercolor it is now for me! thanks again!!
  3. Didn't know evercolor is more expensive than swift / box! Wow!
  4. Hi, dear, no its not more expensive. "On par" means similar, not more so. So evercolour is priced at similar level with swift and box.
  5. Anyone find that their everclear has a strongish smell that's is more like plastic and less like leather?
  6. Nope.
  7. Thanks. It must just be me then, hubby thinks I've lost my mind.
  8. Hi .. not sure if you still want it .. i just settled back home and here is the photos of evercolor (feu) and evercalf (black) side by side IMG_1500217641.216735.jpg
  9. Two gorgeous leathers and bags! Thank you for taking the time to post a photo!
  10. Sorry. I need to revive this thread. Does your evercolor kelly slouch? Is it hard to close the flap? Does the turn lock cave in due to the leather when you push the flap against it ?I like structured bags and I got a sellier k28 Epsom recently . It is so stiff that it has been a challenge closing the flap. Hence, my next bag has to be structured, light , durable and yet easy to handle(ie not too stiff).
  11. Forgot to mention that my heart skipped a beat when I saw your bag in the photo . It is so gorgeous
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  12. Is it easy to remove color transfer from evercolor? I wear a lot of dark colors so that’s one of my main concerns since I’m eyeing a Constance.
  13. My evercolor hydra is still looking new! No slouch although it's not as stiff as Epsom or box. Its super easy to close the flap and there is no caving...ill post a pic later.
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  14. Thank you!!
  15. Oh found a recent picture from 2 weeks ago?? The second photo shows Turlock closed. 20180420_140951.jpg 20180418_130143.jpg
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