Evercolour Leather

  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1448406907.363583.jpg my colapsible toolbox in evercolour purchased in Dec. 2013
  2. Interested in purchasing a Constance 24 in evercolour. Anyone think that's a bad idea? I thought the bag was swift but it's evercolour so since I have no experience with this leather I thought I'd bump this thread to see if anyone has bought Constance???? So far it seems like a great leather from what I have read here...
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  3. My mini roulis ( in the roulis clubhouse thread) is evercolor. I love the soft and rich coloration of it. Have had absolutely no problems with care or maintenance. It shows colors beautifully.
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  4. Might the leather be evercalf?? I am not certain I remember the difference correctly, but I think evercolor is a smooth leather like swift or box. But evercolor has a tiny grain to it. Evercalf has a wonderful look and feel to it, but I have heard it is a bit delicate. Perhaps others with more experience in how it wears will chime in.
  5. I would think its evercalf too .. i just got a c18 evercalf and its smooth like swift .. more of an inbetween box and swift
    but my evercolor roulis is flat grained
  6. How do you like your constance? I recently bought one too, but haven't had the chance to actually use it, though the feel of the leather is divine! I am not sure how it will wear, but it is a mini, so hopefully won't get too scratched.
  7. Hahaha i've had it for a day .. so not sure on the durability of it .. i actually worry more since its a mini and i would wear it crossbody .. might get scratched by my pants
  8. They are such wonderful little gems with luscious leather; hopefully we both can learn to use them without fear and simply enjoy! Congratulations on your mini!!:smile:
  9. It's evercolor. I saw the receipt...
  10. I have a lindy in evercolor and it has a beautiful sheen, a little hardier than swift, and Ramee coor beatifully. My Lindy survived a 10 day Italian trip as my single travel bag without a scratch- literally! I would love to get a Kelly or Constance I evercolor. What color is the c you're getting ??
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  11. I think it's a hardy leather. I have a lindy 26 and now a c24. The lindy sits stiff which I like, though it's counter intuitive based on the bag's design. The c24 is hars to close because it caves in unlike epsom. A solution that I made is to pad the first slit with bubble wrap since i dont carry much.
  12. Can you post comparison photos?
  13. I second @lanit. My oxer is evercolor and I don't baby it at all. I squeeze it into my carry-on when I'm traveling and sometimes without the dust bag but it looks as beautiful as I saw it the first day. Colors show beautifully in this leather. It feels like the leather has absorbed the color fully or that it's just born with whatever color it's in. I would say yes to any bags with this leather if structure is not what I need for the bag, as I think the leather is not so stiff.
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  14. Love evercolor my dear. Ive been travelling in asia for over a month (hong kong, korea, some islands) and carrying my k28 hydra in evercolor...its with me almost daily...in hot, humid sometimes torrential rain and im out all day with it in and out of cabs, carrying shopping bags, coffee, its seriously taking a beating. Still looks brand new (its about a year old). 20170704_151151-1.jpeg
  15. I have also had some opportunities to handle bags in this leather and I must say it's a great leather! My summary of this leather would be:
    • expensive (on par with swift/box)
    • light weight
    • fine and flat grained
    • scratch and water resistant
    • less slouchy than swift, maybe on par with togo
    • takes colour beautifully