Ever said anything to someone with a fake bag?

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  1. I would never say anything to a stranger... BUT...
    Recently my hair dresser moved to a different salon, and at this new salon there is a hair dresser that sells fake purses she buys in NYC. I kept my opinions to myself, even though it annoyed me.The last time i was in there she approached me, and commented on my purse (I was just carrying my new signature black coach bag), and asked me if i had bought it in NYC. I snarled at her and said no. she then said, oh you can buy fakes in this city?! I was so annoyed that i lectured her on how disgusting and disrespectful it is to the designer to carry a fake. I can't afford LV's so I buy coach, I don't go out and buy fake LVs. I then said, furthermore, if you can't tell the difference between a fake purse and a real one she should keep her comments to herself.
    I left there steaming mad!
  2. I've bumped into people carrying fake designer bags at the country club. They act like they carry real ones not knowing that some of us can tell that they're copies. However, next time they carry real ones, i'd probably think they're fakes as well.
  3. Do you think it's rude if someone asks "Is your bag real?"
  4. you woudl ask that having one of two intentions .... either you KNOW its fake and you just wana embarress the person .. which is rude...


    you really want to know and in this case you're over-curious ....
    you could simply ask her where she got her bag from .. she might just tell you its fake :smile:

    thats' my two cents :smile:
  5. But it's NOT rude to carry a fake? I hope that didn't come off as snotty, but it's kind of like saying, "It's rude to say someone's a thief after they stole x amount of dollars off of someone..." Just my opinion...
  6. Just a few words, So what if their bag is fake !!!! There are many many things we could make fun of at someone elses expense. What good does that do ? would you like to be judged for your job because of lack of education ? Or your clothes for lack of money ? I think not !!!
    Anyway just my opinion.