Ever said anything to someone with a fake bag?


Bum Chum
Jan 27, 2006
I'm sure some of you ladies can spot a fake bag a mile off, something I hope one day I will be able to do. Anyhoo, have any of you ever said anything to someone with a fake bag or to the guys selling them on the streets? Just curious to know.

I'm so very new at this so am unable to spot a fake bag, unless it was really, really obvious. I just know that when I do learn enough I might cough "fake" into my fist when someone goes past me carrying one. Would that be wrong of me? :smile:


Us bound
Dec 9, 2005
Well I've definitely done the "fake" cough :P But I don't know if anyone has actually heard it. If it's a really bad fake I tend to look the person carrying it in the eyes and look amused.. I agree with Greenie that it is a little rude, but I really can't help myself :cry: I don't know what their situation is, but I don't think there's any situation that calls for buying a fake really. I mean, H&M have cute bags for cheap, and plenty of other places too.

It's funny when someone walks around with a fake, they see my real one and they get this freaked out look in their faces, cause they realise their fake doesn't really look all that real :smile:


Happiness is a Bag
Nov 26, 2005
Here in Malaysia, I've seen the B-bags thrice. 2 fakes and 1 authentic. Mostly cringed and roll my eyes at those abominably ugly fakes. To the real B, I think the owner realized my envvvvyyyyy....:love:
Lets not talk about LV mono fakes, they are everywhere. Yuck:evil:


Flat Broke
Dec 22, 2005
No way.. I would never! The most I do is tell my boyfriend.. "Hey Babe.. you see that bag? It's fake!" A friend of ours recently purchased a HIDEOUS fake coach bag for his gf. My bf brought it to me so that I would point out to him why it was so obviously fake.. I mean, this was UGLY.. it was like a fake LV that has XV print instead. Well, he gave it to her and she swore it was real! and so did her mother!!!!!!

I got such a laugh out of that. Even my mom, who doesn't like bags, said "OMG, what a fake!"


Dec 8, 2005
err...i don't neceessarily say anything to the person themself, but i do tend to say things to whomever i'm with at the time. and sometimes i tend to say it a bit loudly. i do believe in the philosophy that if you can't afford it, buy something else, not a fake. but, whatever.
Jan 26, 2006
Whilst i was in Italy last september around the corner from the Gucci store there were these 3 dudes selling fakes.. as i walked past them to get to the next street they we're instantly prowling around me and kept bugging me to look at their bags. After politely turning them down and them still being persistant i finally blew up and shouted "I dont ****ing buy fakes!!! :mad: shesh!!! " my boyfriend squeezed my hand and dragged me away from the angry men.. oooppss... :shame:


Dec 30, 2005
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Not only is that extremely rude and condescending, but Greenie is right - I have no idea what that person's situation is?! What if that bag was a given as a gift? What if that person didn't know her bag was a fake? I don't think there is EVER a time to put another person down - esp.an innocent stranger! I remember a recent post lately when one of our forum members felt so hurt and humiliated bec. someone who "thought" her bag was a fake made a comment near her about it. In my eyes the point was NOT whether or not her bag was a fake or real one, it was the fact that someone was rude enough to comment that and really hurt her feelings. To me that behavior is a thousand times more disgusting than carrying a fake.


Oct 23, 2005
No, and I never would. It's none of my business. If it was someone I knew who was carrying a fake, I might try to explain to them what is really behind the sale of counterfeit goods in a courteous way. But I'd never go up to a random person I don't know and start preaching. I'd probably get clocked with the fake bag.


H is for HOCKEY
Jan 29, 2006
I would NEVER! But one thing that bothers me is that I know a person who ONLY owns fake bags (I am not sure of she is aware of it or not), but she ALWAYS puts people down for owning fakes! I wanted to say something to her, but decided to just let it go.