Ever said anything to someone with a fake bag?

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  1. I would never go as far as to say "Nice fake bag" to someone's face (well, maybe if provoked), BUT since I've worked @ Starbucks and seen the bajillion teenage girls/working moms/old freakin women(!) with their half decent or god-awful fakes, I tend to have a little fun @ their expense. If I'm on the register, I'll usually say (in a lovely bright & sweet voice) something like "Ooh, nice bag! Where did you get it?" blah blah blah, and their response is inevitably one of these choices:
    1.)Oh, my aunt/mom/dog/relative gave it to me
    2.)I got it in Mexico - Without fail!

    The really entertaining part is that everyone I work with knows I'm a total Bag Whore, so they all come runnig to me asking if people's bags are legit or not :biggrin:

    Plus, I tend to feel more condescending toward the bag itself rather than the person carrying it.

    Bag snob? Yes, I am.
  2. I once told someone off for selling fake bags. They came into the salon I get my hair done at and asked if I was interested. I said, "I don't support terrorism," in a very polite voice. It was funny, she RAN out. I mean, I don't know her situtation, but I know it fund terrorism and/or child labor. Which I am not for.
  3. No, but I have a tendency to point them out to my hubby. I see a lot of fake LV's when I go to ballgames..... Eucci985..."I got it in Mexico" LMFAO!!!!!!
  4. :lol: Lol. I love that!

    I live in L.A., where the fakes are so prevalent that if I were to point out fakes to everyone I see, I wouldn't be able to go/do/say anything else...

    I don't know if its like this elsewhere, but here the fakes are really area-based. You can go to one part and it'll be like fakes galore, one after the other (esp. Balenciaga), and then just a couple blocks away it'll be all real ones...
  5. I am starting to wonder if LA has the most fake bags.......especially LVs seriously
  6. Agreed!!!
  7. Nope...not interested in "outting" people. Besides, I'm 35 years old...how would I look yelling "FAKE" on the street???
  8. This is to me one of the best and most compassionate responses i've read so far on the whole fake bag issue. I am based in Asia where there is a great divide between the very rich and the very poor; and as far as I am concerned, this isn't a perfect world where everyone knows what a luxury bag looks like and can afford it. I agree that if you have both the knowledge and the money, you should not be buying fakes. And I also agree that the counterfeiting industry is built on the back of slave labour in many parts of the world and should not be supported.

    That said, to judge someone based on the bag they carry, to snicker behind their back and above all, to humiliate a total stranger -- that's inexcusable and ill-mannered. Where I live, I see many domestic helpers -- many of whom work long hours for less than US$200 a month -- carrying fake LVs and Guccis. At around $10-20 a pop in street markets, this is already a luxury to them; it is useful to carry things in and makes their hard lives, in some small way, a little brighter.

    I know many of the ladies on this board can afford bags that would cost many people several years' worth of hard work -- but I would also like to think they have the good sense, the perspective, the manners and the compassion not to think that this makes them "better" than someone who can't.

    Sorry if I've rambled on.
  9. what someone carries is none of my business. i have a feeling that a lot of people out there that get their bags as gifts from someone well-meaning or unwittingly buy on ebay really think that their bags are authentic, and it is not my place or my prerogative to ruin their day. i would NEVER call a stranger out. i mean, consider how much of a problem a lot of the people have on here spotting fakes - and we're the ones that are obsessed. to just the average girl on the street, how is she supposed to know whether or not the gift she was given was real?

    on the other hand, if someone was bragging about their obviously fake bag or trying to sell me one, i wouldn't hesitate to throw down.
  10. Very well said. ::applause::
  11. No I will NOT call out to a stranger or make a comment on whatever they are carrying. Tho I detest fakes, but it's their bags and I don't know what their story is ( most of the time I don't pay attention to other's bag anyway) However I don't think that just because most of bloggers here dislike fakes, and that make us think we are "better" than the ones who carry them.
  12. Wow, also very well said! ::applause::
  13. I never will and never would unless I was asked. I do have a situation from last weekend though where my 18y/o and I stopped by Babies R' Us to pick up a few things. While we were in line I noticed a girl with a MC Papillon staring at my Piano in the next line over. The girl said it loud enough for us to hear but she said to the boy with her, "Look at her fake LV. The straps are turning brown LOL!" Of course my loud mouth sister heard her and said, "Allison, look at that girls Papillon they never MADE!"

    It was funny and I had to laugh but it was rather humilliating.
  14. Yahh. u are right! Lv Mono fakes are everywhere in Malaysia, espcl Chinatown..eeekkkk!!
    When someone said my bag is fake, i can be so furious..
  15. :lol: Your sister's got guts. Makes me wonder what I would do in a situation like that. What bugs me is that the woman had the gall to say something like that in public, regardless of whether your bag is real or not. That was rude :suspiciou