Ever said anything to someone with a fake bag?

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  1. I can't tell you how many times my husband has poked me in the ribs, inquiring about a woman's handbag ... "honey, is that a fake?!" While I would tell him, I won't say anything to the individual who is carrying it.

    Quite honestly, one of the major reasons why I like this forum versus the (formerly known as) Authentic Balenciaga forum, is that the folks here are so much nicer! There were a few too many ABF ladies that thought their ****e didn't stink, and would make the most snarky & hurtful comments to other folks on the forum. Heck, I get enough of that crap in work ... didn't need it outside of work! And, as some of the folks here have said, not everyone can afford the 'real' stuff. I've seen/worked with some gals who buy at thrift stores, and quite honestly have been a heck of a lot more "put-together" than some of these snobby "entitled" folk!!
  2. I agree. Why is it important to point that out anyway. Aren't you purchasing bags because they make you happy and not others?
  3. One time I was with friends studying at the cafe area of barnes and nobles, and this girl next to us had a fake LV papillon. I noticed that her fake was lined in a soft material and had an inside zipper pocket. I was amused because my real bag doesn't have a convenient inside pocket nor is it lined in a different material, so I pointed it out to her. She seemed really annoyed that I knew it was fake. With that said, I hate fake bags and I don't understand why people spend money on them. Why not get a cute non-fake bag?
  4. i would never say anything to someone or even make any sort of response facially or otherwise...it would just be a very gauche thing to do.
  5. I would never! I'm not as great at spotting out fake bags as some of you gals on here, and I wouldn't want to say something, and I end up being wrong. And when I do see bags that I know are FOR SURE fake, I just kind of snicker to myself and go on with my business. There's a girl that carries a fake MC LV in class, she even sits right next time me. And every morning, I just look at it and wonder to myself how someone can carry such a hideous fake.
  6. I wouldn't say anthing to anyone carrying a fake purse. I'd just nudge my husband and whisper "look, thats a fake." He gets annoyed coz i do it all the time.:nuts: hee hee hee
  7. We used to have this regional manager at the office I worked with. She is one of those kind of people who you can talk with for 2 minutes and know she acts so fake. Overly nice but then will say something that you are doing wrong behind your back. She's like 45 and is super tan, bleach blonde hair, dresses WAY too sexy for office environment.

    Anyways one day she came in w/a LV multicolore bag. I thought it was fake b/c it looked cheap but this was before I really knew about bags. I said "Oooh I love your LV! " and she said "oh its fake, I got it for $200 at a purse party". Made me lose all respect for her... :lol:
  8. no. I don't comment on strangers' fake bags. it's none of my business.
    I will, however, gladly comment on their real ones, like this lady who had a real LV pochette with a loooong shoulder strap the other day.
  9. Exactly. Some of them don't know it's a fake that they bought or got form a friend.
  10. I have better things to do than scrutinize or snicker behind the backs of others.IMO those that do have too much time on their hands and need to get a life.
  11. I have a life! And so do they! I think it is their own choice to make. They may be sooooooooo in love with a bag and woudl rather buy a replica than spend their time drooling over a real one ... to all his own ...
    I would rather be known as the girl who cant spot a fake then the girl who offend people who own one.
  12. well said Greenie.. i certainly cant agree more!!
  13. One of my neighbors carries a fake blk. multicolor Alma and I know she can afford a real one and I didn't say anything to her. She probably thinks my bag is fake.
  14. Ni, I would never do that. Although, I sometimes say something to my brothers or hubby "look, that's a fake one.. Im sooo bad" I guess, we should be happy enough that wee can afford the real ones. As for them, I agree, we dont know the real situation, it might have been a gift, or they mighht have be duped. Here in our country a lot of less fortunate dont even know what an LV bag is nor a B bag etc.. so when they see something cheap they just buy it for everyday use, not realizing that it's a fake designer bag....
  15. I wouldn't say anything, but I might comment to my partner about it (quietly), because we talk about fashions and such that we see on the street.