Ever obsess about a bag so much that....

  1. you actually get sick of it and don't even want it anymore? Please tell me I'm not the only one!!! :noggin: I think it's because I'm so undecisive!!! LOL!!
  2. I actually had a handbag I would visit online and it made me happy to look at it. I actually was having panic attacks that one day I would bring it up on line and it would be gone, so I had to tell my husband I was buying it (brave me, I called him while he was out of town) and when he told me "okay" if it will make you happy, I turned to my computer order it and as I hit the order button.... it said that horrible word "unavailable".

    I swear I got sick to my stomach, literally.

    I told him I was never going to do that again.

  3. OMG, that's actually happened to me more than once!! :nuts:
  4. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Of course I have! Terrible terrible. I've obsessed so much that it's the last thing I'm laying in bed thinking about in bed and it's the first thing that pops into my head. I'm thinking about it making the kids' lunches...driving in the car.....I can't stop. It's insanity.
    I'll visit it over and over and over again online - staring at it - thinking how much I love it but should I? Shouldn't I? I've put it in my shopping cart, I've put 100 in my shopping cart so I can see how many are actually left in stock and then start over - rechecking several times during the day to see if anyone else has bought it.....

    And panic attacks? Absolutely. Being that I'm akin to them anyway, just having something like that on my mind on exacerbates it all that much more....

    YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!! :heart:
  5. LOL ^^^ that sounds like me EXACTLY. you are def not alone!! X
  6. Definitely agree about the last thing I think about laying in bed and first thing when I wake up. I think I even dream about them. I've put things in my shopping cart too and sometime it stays there sometimes it's gone the next time I check it. Sometimes I just like staring at the pictures so I save them in my 'pictures/documents'. It's so nice to know I'm not alone. Thank you Purse Forum!!!
  7. I do all that too! We're all nuts!
  8. Me too...:nogood:
  9. This is TOTALLY me! I cracked up when I read this, I thought I was the only one obsessing like this. Isn't it nice to be understood?! My friends don't get it, let alone DH...but I know you gals do :lol:

  10. Plus the best thing is that I've gone to whatever site it's on SO MUCH, that I just type in 'www'. and then the first LETTER of that site's name and it automatically pops up! :lol:
  11. Nah. The more I don't have something, the more I want it. It's like that with men too. But don't worry, not in a homewrecker type way lol.
  12. Oh gosh, I've done this too! I'm so embarrassed for myself. I'll save the picture to my picture folder. Then it will pop up occasionally as a random photo on my screen saver. I'll get sick of staring at the purse and say "I don't want that crummy bag now." But then I'm kind of sick when it disappears from the store's site. So I start frantically looking for it to pop up on eBay. It's truly a sickness!
  13. Oh thank God - I do that too!!!!!!!!!! :wtf:
  14. all. the. time.
  15. I was obsessed about one particular bag combo so much..... thats all I think about... talk about.....
    My husband got so sick of it that once it became available, he agreed to pay for part of it IF I stop talking and obsessing about it. Well, guess what.... I stopped obsessing about the bag in the color that I got, but have started obsessing about the same bag in another color. ha!