Ever felt sorry for a SA when you didn't buy?

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  1. #1 Apr 30, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2016
    This happens to me often, I don't know why. I go to check out the luxury bag section at a department store, casual chic but probably carrying a chanel. I go just to look at the latest. I don't take any time from them or ask for help. But if I reach to check out a bag or two and they help. Once that happens they assume I want to buy. If I leave they look visibly disappointed. I feel so hurt for them and I wonderif I gave the wrong impression, I mean I'm not looking to buy now but I might look at a bag. I don't go in ask to see several bags and take so much of their time then leave. It happened several times that I wonder if I give the wrong impression. I hate hurting people's feelings so now I either make a quick browsing pass in the store or not carry a luxury designer bag. I know this might seem silly to some, I guess I'm overly sensitive. A few weeks ago I wanted to buy a bag from luxury brand X. I did a lot of research on the bag and had every intention to purchase, I just wanted to see it in person. I went with one of my chanels. The kind SA gave us water. Unfortunately the bag didn't look as nice in person. The SA was about to go to get us "a new one". When we told her gently we didn't want it, she understood but was visibly disappointed. I kept reminding myself on my way home that they should know that not every customer will buy and that customers who buy luxury brands generally look put together and might carry their designer bags. What do you think?
  2. I think it's their job and you shouldn't worry about how they feel just because you don't buy. It's not like you're leading them on you know? Sure they don't like to miss a sale but that's part of the job.
  3. Nope.
    I'm not worried about offending car dealers or realtors, either.

    Some salespeople seem very disappointed, when I refuse to buy overpriced things I don't like.
    But quickly forget their mortally wounded egos.
    And just sell to someone else.
  4. No. The SA probably does the same when she goes shopping!
    Don't forget she is a consumer too!
  5. Never buy anything you don't really want, whatever the motivation. I hate pushy SAs but I also dislike the emotionally 'needy' ones too. It's just business.

    It's the job to sell but also serve long-standing and new customers by just improving/building a relationship between customer and company so that return another day.
  6. Agree with the others. Don't feel pressured to buy just because they are nice to you. I also like to look at bags and shoes when I'm in the mood to browse. I just tell the salespeople that I'm browsing. If I need their help to unlock a bag or get my shoe size, I would still not buy if the item does not satisfy/fit me. Just be polite about it and don't take up too much of their time.
  7. That's true! Forgot to add that there were other times when SAs were nice even thogh I didn't buy. Most of this is due to the fact that I'm overly sensitive at times. It is just that it's a little sad when their facial muscles literally drop! But like papertiger said, I'm not going to buy something I don't want especially when it costs so much money!
  8. If an SA acted disappointed about not making a sale, I probably wouldn't go back into the store. I don't need to feel guilty. It's not fun and shopping should be fun.

    If an SA is not busy, I don't feel bad about taking their time. I would hate to be an SA in a store where there is nothing to do. I would love it if a customer came in and talked to me.

    If I am taking a lot of an SA's time, I always tell them to feel free to help someone else or do what they need to do while I look around. Usually they say, "oh no, you're fine," but sometimes they do go help someone else or take care of something else. I try to look around and make sure no one else is waiting for their attention.
  9. These SAs need to work on their game faces. Of course they're disappointed that they didn't make a sale, but they don't need to be transparent about it. It's counterproductive.
  10. Many of us are the "kicking the tires" kind of shopper....we're there to look and are curious about the high end bags but would never shell out the big $$$$$$ to buy one from the store.
    I used to work in retail for many years and there were many times I would work with someone for quite awhile but nothing would work out for them. Disappointing for sure but I never let it show and knew there was another customer right behind them who WOULD buy.

    It's part of the retail game, there are many times I shop just to "look" and am not in a buying mood, however I'm also not one to take up an SA's valuable time if I have no intention of purchasing that day either.
  11. No, not really. If I'm in store I'm usually just looking. I don't get out much so when I am out, I like to look at everything and touch things and pick them up. That's sorta the best part about going in to the store, for me. If anything I get annoyed when I notice them hovering. I tell them I'm just looking but they still hover, and mention sales and coupons and it's all very nice but I am the sort of person who would really rather just be left alone. I know how it feels if it is that they feel they need to make a sale, but they shouldn't get pushy. Even if someone doesn't buy that day, the experience can determine whether they come back at all.
  12. I have felt bad, but I still won't buy and I just keep it tucked in memory when I do find something I want to buy from their shop.
  13. +1 this! I feel a little bad, but depending on their reaction, I may or may not buy from them in the future. Agreed with the other posters too, that they should be more professional not act "disappointed," when you don't purchase.
  14. Agreed.

    I think there's levels of magnitude for it. There are those who use it as a sales tactic (ugh, no) and those where it's just a human response. I'm the last person who ought to criticize another for a look that flashes on their face lol.
  15. I totally agree about the "human response" part. I doubt they had this as a tactic, I think they felt sad a little. I think the best thing is to clearly state that you are browsing, and if a SA spends any time with you just give them a kind thank you when you leave