Ever been caught in the rain??

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  1. I just received my new Soho leather satchel and carried it today. I think it's going to be my favorite bag ever!

    Tonight I had to go to a dinner and the parking lot was quite a walk from the building. I was about 1/2 there and I actually heard the rain coming across the parking lot behind me - I had no umbrella and only a lightweight jacket. So I took my jacket off, threw it over my bag and started to run.

    By the time I got inside - I was SOAKED. Literally soaked through! My hair was dripping, my clothes were stuck to me and my shoes were squishing! :p I think all my makeup washed off, too.

    And I was so happy my new bag was nice and dry and no water spots!

    The ladies I was dining with thought I was NUTS! :nuts: They couldn't believe I had removed my coat to protect my purse... (and I'm thinking "OK if you think that way we can never be real friends!" haha) But heck, I was only wearing jeans and a sweater and shoes that cost a LOT less than my bag. I'd much rather ruin them!

    (Kinda reminded me of the guy at the car wash who once sorta criticized me for removing my boots and putting on old shoes to wash my car... I told him "these are UGGS! I'm not washing the car in my UGGS!" He didn't get it though...)

    Anyway, I usually carry a large clear plastic shopping bag (nice ones I get from a paper store) in each of my LV's and need to put one into my leather Coach bag now. I just LOVE this bag! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. Now that was some smart thinking! I seriously have to put a plastic bag in my legacy leather bags, because I don't want any water stains on that legacy leather!

    I totally understand what you did though, Wildflower. I would have been right next to you, covering up/protecting my purse. :yes:
  3. I have a duffle with the leather and it started pouring the other day and I stuffed it under my shirt (it was a nice day, until th freak rainstorm). My friends thought I was crazy, but you don't pay good money for a purse only to see water spots on it!!!
  4. I cover up my bags too!!!
  5. i totally understand :smile: glad you saved your bag!
  6. Keeping the plastic bags inside of each purse is a great idea!! I don't think I would've used my jacket to cover just my bag though....I would've put it on under my jacket.
  7. I absolutely cover my bags with my coat!
  8. I would have done that as well!:yes:

    I keep plastic bags in my car for days like that!
  9. I would've done that but this was a short close-cropped jacket... It was me or the bag. :p haha!

    I don't think I have ever gotten that soaking wet in rain before. It was really a downpour - I felt like I had jumped into a swimming pool!
  10. You know you get more wet when you run in the rain vs. walking! Its a known fact!

  11. hehehe im a shirt stuffer too hehe :roflmfao:
  12. I know how you feel. Glad you saved it!
  13. I would do the same. Even my husband knows that I would rather get myself wet than to get my bags wet. Haha!
  14. i would have done the same! ooh that's a great tip -putting a plastic bag in your speedy! i shall do the same next time!
  15. i didn't know that! that's cute!