Evening shoulder bag for H addict?

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  1. I have one gap in my collection (well...ok...lots more than one :P )...and it's a small bag for evening, not a clutch - a bag WITH a shoulder strap. Something a girl can take out to dinner with pretty much anything and fit at least credit cards, phone, some cosmetics, and keys, but ideally more. Something that goes with an LBD, with a full on Rick Owens fashion moment, and with a pretty blouse and jeans.
    Not a Kelly...even my 28s are pretty big at the bottom and not hardy enough for clubs and crowded bars.
    Doesn't have to be H but OF COURSE that is better....but in fact, I had identified the perfect bag: a grey Chanel Boy wallet on chain. Fairly hardy, chain strap, easily protected in crowds, not so utterly classic it's boring. The SA sold the one I had on hold out from under me (she should go work for H) and these seem to be rare.
    I trust y'all's taste above all, so please don't feel brand restricted as I have considered mini Kellys (also bulky at bottom and hard to find), mini Evelynes (much too casual), Constance (I do not like overt H branding) and Roulis (there is such a thing as TOO "under the radar" ). If you love H and you have another option please share! (FWIW my favorite evening clutch is a BV Knot although I would love a Medor).
    What would YOU grab to run to a cool but crowded restaurant?
  2. TT, your style is SO inspiring - you are the one who showed me the power of Soufre and similar brights. I do love that bag but yes, a bit too casual. I don't think H has the bag I seek.... but I am hoping a) the more knowledgeable members will hit on something or b) have a great other brand suggestion. It was a tFP Hermès member who turned me on to Bill Amberg for a huge work bag :biggrin:
  3. I would take my jige elan :smile: the jige pm used to come in a version with a removeable shoulder strip but it's no longer in production . . .
  4. How about LV Pochette Accessoires NM?? They are large, can fit over your shoulder, made out of canvas so if you have any spills you can wipe them off, can fit all of the stuff mentioned, and plus you can use it as a pouch for a day bag... Or an Eva Clutch or one of them Gucci leather pochettes and their mini bags.. Oh Prada's version of the WOC (wallet on chain) could be a cheaper option, but that one is not a roomy as the Chanel counterpart.. In terms of H, how about that bag which looks similar to the Chanel Flaps but instead of having a turn lock, it has the Chaine d'Ancre closure (sorry don't know the name but I bet you might know what one I am talking about) or how about the ones from Lanvin?? The Happy bags, oh how about Celine's Trio or the YSL/SLP Cassandre clutches with the chain.. I hope that gives you and idea on where I am going but the main point is picture a LV Pochette Accessoires and you will get my point! Hope this helps and good luck!
  5. There have been seasonal BV Knots produced with chains to wear on the shoulder (like this one)...

    The only Hermes evening bags w/shoulder straps, that I can recall at the moment... are the Catenina and the Chaine d'ancre bag. I'm sure that there are more... as I'm not sure if these are "too under the radar" for you... but, hth. GL!
  6. How about a Kelly 20. It would have to be on the second hand market but they are out there. They have the strap you want but can also be hand carried. Fits all the things you want too. My Kelly pochette hasn't had a look in since I got this.

  7. I was thinking of mentioning this style too- thank you
    It can be a clutch as well, if I recall the chain is removable
  8. Did you consider the Roulis bag?
  9. Hi QF! Well, I don't know if I'll have any good suggestions, but I have to tell you I sold my Chanel WOC because it was waaaay too small. I needed it to carry some cards and cash, keys, phone, lip balm, compact mirror and a packet of tissues, and just couldn't make it work. And an overstuffed WOC is not a pretty sight! I don't know how some women can use them for everyday, much less an evening out. But if you like Chanel (and I do, as a general rule), how about a 224 or 225 reissue? I love the reissues because they can go pretty or edgy, and those sizes will give you a little more room without the boxiness of a smaller Kelly. And the lock is more secure in crowds than the simple snap closure of the WOC.

    The other option I thought of is to do a Kelly wallet or Kelly pochette with a Farandole necklace as the chain strap. I don't have a Kelly wallet or KP, but there are some pictures floating around the forum, and it looks like a cool idea.
  10. Here is another new style for Spring 2014, it was at the previews (the bag in front of the Cartable)

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  11. Here is another picture of this bag. Thanks plumtree for reminding me of this

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  12. I use my 25 cm kelly's for evening, they're too small for day use and fit the bill for evening perfectly. I have a roulis but it is pretty large for evening.

    Of course, there's always the constance. With so many sizes and strap lengths you may be able to find something that fits the bill perfectly.