Even My Boss Noticed How Fabu My New Bag Is!

  1. I've been getting compliments on it all weekend.
    So...she comes in to work with me today - I put her on my desk - my boss (6'4" hunting/fishing/scuba diving/etc. male - doesn't know a designer from a hole in his head) and stops dead in his tracks and says, "Hey! I haven't seen that before. Wow. Cool color! Can I touch the leather?"


    He wanted to touch the leather.

    He says, "Hey - that's SEXY!":nuts:

    I was borderline giddy!

    I'm sure most of you have seen the pix that I posted with my fabulous German Shepherd Dog model last week, but - in case you missed it the first (two) times around...here she is again. I CAN'T PUT HER DOWN!:yahoo: :heart:

  2. Stop posting pics of her... you're making me want cornflower :push: :s She's a beauty, for sure :girlsigh:
  3. Well, she IS fabulous! do you love her more now?
  4. That is too funny! Congrats on such a "sexy" purchase!
  5. LOL - I haven't posed her with my kitty yet. I have PLENTY of pictures! One for every day of the rest of this month! I can't stop!

    Now I want a Grenat City. Uh oh...I feel a 12-step program coming on. :wtf:
  6. Be careful or else your boss might give up fishing for bbags!
  7. Yup, the hunt for bag #2 begins immediately after the first one....you have been warned!

    Gorgeous First! So many pretty Firsts this week that I think I have to go try one on again, maybe I'll like it this time!!
  8. It is fab. Its weird how male boss sometimes pay attention to our bags. Must be influenced by the wives.
  9. Awwwwwww how thrilling to get comments on your bag...

    Its always nice to see others admire them - especially when they dont know its a designer brand and they appreciate it simply for its sheer beauty!
  10. I completely agree!! Congrats on the new bbag. I love to hear good comments on things that I love ie. shoes, clothes,bags.
    :love: :love:
  11. That's exactly it.:idea:

    Less people are likely to see the bag and recognize it for what it is. If I was a bit further north (heading towards NYC) - sure. But I don't know how many people around here know Balenciaga anything.

    However, just the simple fact that people SEE it, stare at it, comment on it, and want to touch it - just because it's 'sexy', is quite a compliment, IMHO. I can't believe he asked to touch it and smell it. That, to me, is about the biggest compliment EVER!
  12. She's gorgeous!
  13. I find it a huge compliment from a man ..! BALENCIAGA ROCKS!! :happydance: :biggrin:
  14. well it's true... it IS sexy! :graucho:
  15. Ditto on what lulu and fashion say! Bbags are really HOT! and, yet, so understated...