Epsom leather . . . yes or no

  1. Ok, since I have learned a little about swift leather from other threads . . . I am now getting a little scared of my swift Birkin :sweatdrop: (blisters, scratches, slouch). I LOVE my bag but I am thinking for my next Birkin I want something that can take a beating. I know box keeps great shape but I am not wanting that due to weather issues I also want something that would keep very good shape and not have issuses in the rain, I want epsom. I do have a few questions:
    Is this a poplular leather that I would I would have a jard time finding at a boutique or would I have to place a SO

    Is this leather heavy (as compared to swift and clemence)

    Is a birkin35 in Epsom more are less expensive than togo or swift

    I would love to hear fromt those with a epsom birkin

    Thanks in advance . . . any other advice welcome
  2. Epsom is light and scratch resistant. But, while I like epsom, it is not my favorite leather (of course that is really just a matter of personal preference). I have a mini Evelyne and a Paris Bombay in epsom and it really holds its shape well. It looks great in a structured bag. I know this is going to sound weird but I find it kind of "dry" in a way that togo, clemence, swift and box are not. Does that make any sense?:shrugs:
  3. I think I prefer epsom on a wallet or small accessory, unless it's fuchsia epsom then I'd like it in a Birkin.
  4. Candace.......do give Togo another look especially if you need something fairly indestructible and all-weather. Mine has braved all kinds of weather and come through like a breeze. No problems whatsoever!!!
  5. thanks guys. I was looking at togo but i just was not sure how it holds shape
  6. ^ agree with shopmom. Many ladies here love their Epsom bags but I'm not its biggest fan:
    Color - some colors are more pale in Epsom (like BJ)
    Feel - does not have as rich of a "hand" as other leathers
    Wear - I've heard that corner and seam wear is more prominent.

    Pros: It does keep it's shape. I like it best in black.
  7. It seems to me that epsom isn't as popular a leather in a bag, like a 35 cm Birkin, as togo. Togo, swift, and epsom bags are all the same price. I don't like how colors look in it, and I don't like the feel of it. I definitely prefer togo or clemence.
  8. How difficult is it to find a Epsom birkin and togo for that matter. I am not specific about HW. As for color, I would like colored, meaning not black or brown (and not orange since I have orange)

    So you think i would have to SO
  9. I have a Birkin 40 (or I should say, I had, since I've sold it to a great tPFer:graucho: ) and a Kelly in Courchevel, which is a predecessor of Epsom and now discontinued, and I can honestly say that it's VERY sturdy, lightweight (my 40 Birkin weighs like my 35 Clemence Birkin) and holds it's shape.....My Kelly is 16 years old and has just come back from the spa for the first time, and it's like new! I'm saying all this because Courchevel and Epsom are very similar....
  10. ^I have a 32 sellier black epsom kelly and it's absolutely stellar. My DH was shown a box and an epsom and due to my lifestyle, box is too formal for me and I'm useless with smooth leathers of any kind. So, I guess the question is really, what is your lifestyle? That said, I love grainy leathers, togo, fjord etc etc.
  11. i'm not sure how readily available it is but i've seen some bags in it in the stores, mostly in white or fuschia or blue jean. i think white epsom is quite lovely! definitely not as popular as togo/clemence.

    my epsom birkin was 200 dollars less than togo/clemence (7200 us dollars for mine)

    the leather is lightweight but a 35 cm birkin can get heavy no matter what the leather :smile:

    i know many people aren't fond of epsom but i really really love it in black with GH. the leather i guess has been seen as "dry" but mine has a sheen to it. it's not smooth per se but it is smoother than togo/clemence. personally i don't like the larger grain/bumpiness of togo, i've seen some togo bags that looked "uneven" but i know that some folks love that about it.

    i'll refer you to my previous post with a blurry pic of my bag :smile: i promise to try to get less blurry shots of it at some point!
  12. I have an epsom in a color (cyclamen) and I love it - it has a groovy look with certain colors and I think it looks cool in black and white. I don't think I would like it in a neutral as much. It's a lightweight, firm leather so that's a pro. Cons, - well not many people, including SAs, like it (can factor in if you ever have to sell it). I do see minor scratches in mine but they are hidden well because of the texture. It doesn't feel as luxurious as other leathers, but I think each leather has it's own unique feel to be appreciated. If YOU like the color and feel, go for it.
  13. I must say that I did not like epsom until I saw it in a blue jean paris bombay. Blue jean is absolutely gorgeous in epsom and the SA explained to me that this particular leather is meant for bags that are supposed to be rigide and structured. And I think that is the way it looks best. With that being said, I think any of the bags would look great in epsom as long as you want a very firm and structured bag.

    Again, it all comes down to personal preference. If you love it, then go for it!
  14. I would have to say before i got my 35 cyclamen birkin 2 wks ago epsom was my least favourite leather... but i have to say i love it now maybe because its a great colour .. its lighter than my togo fjord and clemence which is nice and it will hold its shape better than my others... it really dependson you thou no point in getting a epsom if it doesnt rock your world..:yes:
  15. I have a Black Togo 30cm and an Orange Epsom in 35cm.

    I have also seen some other ladies on the streets with Epsom Birkins and the edges and corners does seem to show more prominent wear.....
    Because of this, I do find it a little more stressful carrying my Epsom than I do with my Togo. :sweatdrop:
    So, if you are looking for a bag that can take some beating....I'd say that Togo is probably more hardy and scratch-resistant!!

    Also, because of the stiffness of its leather, an Epsom Birkin can look and feel 'larger' than a Togo Birkin! It's literally like standing straight versus slouching! I personally feel you must really like BIG Bags if you are thinking of a 35cm.... :p

    However, I love my Epsom Birkin because I personally like the nice 'boxy', structured look....especially over time (Check out Lindsey's! :yucky:). I also made the decision to get an Epsom Birkin after noticing that the Front flap of my 2 year old, 30cm Togo Birkin failed to stand on it's own but slouches and flops onto the back flap for support! :s And I do not even carry it frequently....

    Sometimes, I do really like this 'worn-in' and 'loved' look, yet sometimes, I feel it can look kinda sloppy. :push:

    I also feel that with certain colours, (like Cyclamen, Orange, Rouge Garance...) the colour shows up as vibrantly on Epsom as it does on any other leather....And in some cases, the 'sheen' of Epsom makes it even prettier.

    I'm echoing the rest when I say that it boils down to personal tastes....get it if that's a look you like!