Epsom leather- scratches?

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  1. Ordered a Rouge Garance Epsom Birkin a few months ago and now I just read that the Epsom leather scratches easily! Is that true? Had ordered it because I wanted a durable work bag. Also, is RG a lot brighter in Epsom than Togo/Clemence? I'm so worried, I don't want a "loud" bag. It looked quite "muted" in the color swatches. :idea:
  2. I thought that epsom was a leather that didn't mark easily and was akin to clemence and togo in how it wore
  3. no epsom is rough as nails.....................seriously
  4. Epsom is rather scratch resistent actually, so you needn't have to worry. Any bag made in Epsom will be very durable and will be a great for everyday use.

    I think Rouge Garance appears the deepest and loudest in Clemence due to the saturation of the RG dye. In Epsom, it's lighter, and gentler.

    An Epsom Birkin will be very light, and you will enjoy this very much.

    What do you say, tricia? :graucho:
  5. yep -- it's as rough and tumble as hermes leather gets. i use an epsom agenda as a wallet and after 18 months of daily use it looks practically new.

    epsom also takes color beautifully.
  6. I agree with Mrs. Sparkles. The saturation of epsom seems to be lighter in all the colors. I am thinking of BJ too; it is lighter and gentler. Angelfish has one or several epsom bags and could speak to the matter too.
  7. DQ ~ would you post a picture of your wallet? I'd like to see how it wears. My SA does not like it so never encourages it.
  8. In my opinion, Epsom is light, keeps the shape of bag really well and you don't need to worry about weather..rain will just slide off. But one thing though...be careful with corners. According to my own experience, my close friends & my mom's, you should be little more careful for corners with epsom than other leathers.

    I am very careful with by H bags, but some reason, I had a hard time with epsom Birkin corners. I never had corner wears that quickly with other bags...I was so sad. But it could be just me and my friends. I am sure there are other ladies who have no problem with epsom birkin 'corner-wear-problem'..
  9. Sus - I have 2 Epsom Azap Longs. One in Orange, and the other in Blue Jean. Colour remains beautifully unchanged for Epsom over time. But the embossed grains of Epsom for wallets/agendas (constant handling) smooth out over time.

  10. Yes indeed. I had wanted a "not-too-much-care" bag and my black Epsom Birkin has indeed lived up to my expectations. I also have a lovely red (can't remember which red) coin case which was a birthday pressie from some very lovely ladies :heart::heart: on this forum and it has held up very well even though it gets used a lot and is tossed about in my bag, no scratches at all:yes:.
    For a durable Birkin, I would say you have made the right choice.
  11. The leather is scratch-resistant. But it is stamped leather so the raised grains tend to smooth and show wear.
  12. I totally agree. I'm pretty careful with my bags too, and I never had any problems with the other leathers I had except for my Epsom Birkin.
    The corners wear out exceptionally fast, so I tend to baby it more.

    The other thing to look out for it that Epsom leather develops wrinkles on the side because it is a stiffer leather. It doesn't bug me, but I personally wouldn't choose this leather for a "Workhorse" Birkin that you throw around. Other than that, I really like the way colours appear on this leather. ;)
  13. I find Epsom very sturdy, so do not worry:smile:...BUT I do have scratches on my Epsom bag & CDC cuff. Noticeable enough that I do not use it as much anymore. The thing that can damage epsom is sharp edges. Once scratched the damage shows on the smooth surface more than on lets say togo or clemance or fjord. :sad: The leather also will wear off on edges (but most other leather will aswell) My keys once scratched it too. For the most damage resistant I would nominate Fjord leather.:flowers:
  14. Thanks ladies, you are all so sweet:okay:
  15. Thanks so much.
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