Epi line: too dressy for casual everyday??

  1. I was thinking of possibly adding a Epi piece to my collection. Do you think it is too dressy for everyday? Can it be worn casually? Jeans, T shirts, capris, flip flops, tennis shoes, sweatshirts, sweaters. I was thinking of possibly the speedy 25, or alma (both in cannelle):love: .

    Any of you use the Epi line "casually"?? I don't know, a part me is like...(it's too dressy, more business like...) Ya think??:shrugs: Although I think the Speedy may be more casual. What about the Alma?? Or,..Pont-Neuf (also in Cannelle).

  2. I don't think it's too dressy!!! :graucho:
    Angie_speedy.jpg pam.jpg CApplegate.jpg pamela%20speedy.jpg
  3. it's not dressy at all. in fact it's the lack of the monogram that makes it so subtle and easy to carry with everything :yes:
  4. good with everything....I love the orange too bad they are sold out of that colour :sad:
  5. Thx ladies!;)

    Heehee, so the Epi is doable casually. YAY! :wlae:

    I seen those pics of Pam...but didn't notice before she was barefoot in 1 of those pics..alrighty then.:yucky:

    Ya...I love that pic of Angie H. She's sooo pretty! Natural! Love her outfit, very cute!:cutesy:

    I feel "much" better!
  6. I think the epi is perfect for both dressy and casual occasions!
  7. The Epi is awesome and carry mine all the time , Im all about casual I think they look great with jeans etc.. Go for it:yes:..
    Don't forget- post some pics...
  8. I think you can dress it up and down. Esp. Myrtille would look great w/ jeans IMO :yes: I'd go for the Speedy in cannelle - you can still win the Alma here :lol:
  9. I am casual 99.9% of the time and all my Noes:graucho: are epi!!! And I have used my mandarin speedy 30 in the summer too (I bought it the same day I saw a pic of Angie with it!!!:nuts:)!!!
  10. Hmm..now that I've got the "ok" heehee...time to figure out which I like best...UGH there's quite a few that I like..:confused1:
  11. I have four epi pieces (2 red, 2 black) and I think that epi is the most versatile material--can easily go dressy or casual!
  12. LOL!!!!!!!!!!:lol: Wouldn't that be nice to "actually" win?!?!?!? :nuts: Hmm, then maybe I'd get 2 epi bags. The Gorgeous Alma, and perhaps the Speedy or Jamin. Aww, wishful thinking!:rolleyes:

    I've always wanted a Epi bag. But the colors haven't been "me" so to speak. Black, I like browns, neutrals. Red, I like red..but am more conservative (plus I don't think I have much it would go with). Soooooo when Cannelle came out..I was like YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yes: My type of color!!! UT OH! :rolleyes:

    What about the Jasmin??? Anyone have it?? Is it roomy? I like the structure!

    Btw...This is what I usually carry:

    Sm. agenda, ludlow wallet, ckbk, keys, cell, eyeglass cover, hairclip
  13. OMG!!! LVCRAZED!!! Live a little!!!:wlae: Get one of those candy colored epi bags!!! Life is too short NOT to be seen!!!:graucho:

  14. Yessss...go with mandarin, red, mytille..
    Every woman has to have at least one "cheer up" bag in their collection..
  15. I love the epi line and I have 2 (mandarin pont neuf and red alma). You can dress them down and dress them up. I call them my fun bags because of the colors and styles, both different. Like LV_addict says, have fun, live a little, lol. Here's a pic of both of them....


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