EOS lip balm- all flavors

  1. I picked one up at Ulta last month, I have used it once and it is now sitting somewhere at the bottom of my makeup bag. I couldn't even tell you what flavor I got it. I will have to dig it out and give it a try and see if it lives up to its mediocre expectations LOL
  2. Got one, used it all because I had to justify paying that much for a mediocre balm. Noticed a LOT of it is unusable because it sinks to the bottom half- what the heck is that about?! Gah! I hate products like that, it's like when I used to cut open my Primer Potion just to get the extra bits out. NO PRODUCT IS WORTH THAT!
  3. I love the packaging (sooo cute ♥)but for the product itself i don't think it's very good :sad:
  4. I think I'm the only person who hates that packaging. I mean, it's awkward to use at first because it's a hemisphere of lipbalm that you're trying to use. and then when that gets worn down you're left with a super annoying pot of lip balm. I hate potted lip balms because I don't want to stick my finger in lipbalm everytime I want to use it. It's like they just thought about it from a design perspective and not actually from a how it is to use the stuff one. I would rather it just be a regular stick of chapstick, I mean, there's a reason that packaging has been around so dang long. It works!
  5. I've seen this around and wanted to buy one because of the unique packaging, I guess I can pass on it!
  6. I agree.. I was very disappointed when I finally picked one up. :sad:
  7. i received two of the green balms free awhile back when they were sending out samples, and i like the minty scent. it's not all that moisturizing, but i think i would purchase again because of the cute packaging. :hide:
  8. I am certainly in the minority but I loved this! I have the lemon flavor.
  9. I own this in Sweet Mint - and I actually like it.

    Some lipbalms make my lips peel and don't work for me at all (some examples: Blistex, Korres Lip Butter and Body Shop Lip Balms)

    Others work well - Kiehl's Lip Treatment, Vaseline, Nivea Milk & Honey.

    I was pleasantly surprised that the EOS lip balm did NOT make my lips peel...it's NOT super moisturising - so Nivea Milk & Honey is still my #1, but this is a fun and lovely smelling balm to use. I put it on before I go to bed.
  10. These lip balms smell & taste lovely but do not last very long at all!! Look really cute but not great value for money :graucho:
  11. I agree, I think they're just a novelty because of the shape, I have to swipe so many times over my lips but still don't feel like it's moisturising.
  12. My bf and I also bought it one day due to it's cool design. It sucks =( and ww leave chapstick in the car, none of which ever melted out of it's container, well this one melted all over our glove compartment =( I much prefer carmex old original formula. Stays on for so long
  13. Love these!
  14. I agree and I'm not sure I would purchase again either. I got the honeydew flavor and it's really delightful. I also like applying it and it's really easy to find in my purse because of the cute shape. However, it definitely is not moisturizing and there is much better value for the money.
  15. love the green melon one~:smile: