EOS lip balm- all flavors

  1. I thought I was the only one who thought this! The packaging is very deceiving! It does not moisturize what so ever. It wears off in a couple minutes. I'll just stick to my Aquaphor.
  2. These grew on me. I think they are too waxy in the beginning but once I use some if it gets slightly better. I've tried them all and the summer fruit is my least favorite. I do agree that they are overrated though.
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  4. Hmm... I was thinking of buying one because they look so cool, now I don't think I will. Thanks for this thread!
  5. Some flavors are better than others. The minty ones I tried dried out my lips whereas the red one, I forget what flavor, was okay.
  6. I have gone through one full balm and have two other ones I've been using. Overall, I like them. Don't love them, but don't hate them. I probably would repurchase, as I really like putting the balm on after washing my face in the morning and before applying my lip product for the day. It gives just slight moisture so that it's easy to glide on my lipstick, gloss, or stain as I finish getting ready. But, like most of you said, it's really not that moisturizing.
  7. It's a gift from a friend and i wanted to love it becos of its cute packaging lovely smell and Eco friendly ingredients. Unfortunately my lips keep peeling and I felt like just before having cold sores. I had no choice but to put it away and switch to some medicated ones immediately.
  8. I absolutely do not like this balm. I have the pink one, and 30 secs after I apply it my lips feel totally dry! Also, I have found that even though its cute, I kind of hate the bulky shape. It seems to take up so much room in my bag!
  9. Aquaphor absolutely rules: not only is it an excellent lip balm: morning and night, it also is superb eyecream-apply gently at corners, under brow and under eye
  10. EOS I have to say isnt moisturizing to me as well. Plus the kind I got had a weird artificial smell which was off putting.
  11. I just started using this and I'm in love! I never considered applying it to places other than my lips but now I'm dying to try it on my eyes!
  12. I agree. I wanted to like this, but it always felt like it just sat on top of my lips like grease. And it smells off.
  13. My best friend gave me the Summer Fruit EOS balm and at first it felt waxy. Then I read a review that you have to let it warm up to your lips...after that it helped with my chapped lips.
  14. The packaging is cute, but I've also had it wear off after a few minutes. Didn't help my chapped lips at all.
  15. This is so sad... I've been so eager to try these because of how cute they are!