EOS lip balm- all flavors

  1. Totally hated this. Dry going on, doesn't moisturize, doesn't add shine.........blech :S
  2. i love the packaging but it doesn't provide enough moisture sadly :sad:
  3. I looked for these for awhile and finally ran into them at Wal-Mart this fall. I purchased the mango-colored ball,and I found the scent too sweet/intoxicating, and to top it off the ball of lip balm had separated from the container. I tried it once and gave it to a friend's young niece. I'm not a fan of this product.
  4. EOS is alright. In my opinion, nothing compares to the Nivea lip balms. Those are by far my favorite. I really like the "kiss of milk and honey" one. It's fairly new. Definitely worth picking up.
  5. Hmmm, I actually enjoy my EOS balms. Perhaps not as nurishing as the Burts Bees stuff, but love the large ball shape- easy to find in my bag.
  6. I think it's ok, cool packaging, but otherwise nothing to shout about. For me nothing works anywhere near as well as Boots No7 'Protect & Perfect'. If you're interested in trying that and live in the US as I now do, you can get it from Target and certain branches of CVS.
  7. I tried the mint green one. I loved the shape because it was cute, original, and so easy t find in my bag! However it was hard to apply... I felt like it was super waxy, and I had to press hard to get any transfer to my lips. Plus it didn't moisturize well. =( Such a bummer for me.
  8. I love love love this balm. It's like my own personal crack.
  9. The only thing good with these is that they are SO easy to find in the bottom of my handbag!
  10. i wasnt super crazy about these, i had the green one (mint?) and i kept it in my car and one day, the entire lipgloss disappeared.. i dont know if it melted out or what.. but as far as application, it made my lips dry as well. the packaging is super cute though

    side note, these are free after extra bucks in CVS this week, in case anyone wanted to try them out
  11. I have the pink/red one, and while I like it, I don't reach for it when my lips are actually chapped. Nothing compares to Burt's Bees, in my opinion. I just keep it in my bag in case I forget to bring something better to class.
  12. i got the green/melon one and it really made the lips much more dried and they started peeling...would never recommend
    which is a bummer because the packaging is so adorable
  13. I had high hope for this balm but they were quickly shattered. Didn't seem moisturizing at all.
  14. Does this lip balm have menthol, phenol, or camphor? Because my derm told me that all of these ingredients feel soft upon your lips when you first put them on but then they gradually dry them out.... So then your lips get drier and drier and you keep applying more lip balm. He told me to watch out for anything with silicone oil in it as well. I've stayed away from lip balms since then because the majority of chapstick I've found has at least one of these ingredients.
  15. Good to know! Now I won't buy. Thanks for the review!!