Enough wishing- What do you think is REALLY going to be there?

  1. What do you guys think is really going to be at the upcoming sample sale?
    I would be so disappointed if i had no interest in any of the items :crybaby:
    but i'm hoping! (nikkis!)
  2. Overstock. :p And maybe a small number of unique samples and leftovers. But mostly overstock, same as at most sample sales.

    But I'm not complaining! If there is something cute I like at a good price I will most certainly buy it! :yes: Am excited!
  3. I think the no string satchels and dream bags will be there, there don't seem to have sold well. I also think some MAM and MAB and Nikkis in select colors.
  4. The last one had a little bit of everything. Only a few popular colors. I only really like the tangy MAM from recent the season and already have it.
    All styles will probably be there. Having colors I am intrested in is my concern!
  5. i really hope there is a nikki......
  6. I can tell you what I think won't be there...anything in wine or tangerine!!!!
  7. AND NO Basketweave either!

    Actually sample sales usually have overstock like hitchcock said, and a few never seen samples.

    Prices are great, and i'm sure there will be a little of every style. They had tons of stuff last year. Over 100 bags leftover after the sample sale, including wine, stonewash, and the harder to find colors now. IMO the sample sale in November was GREAT, so i have no reason to believe that this sample sale will be anything less.:yahoo:
  8. desi....did you attend the sample sale? I am really stressing out because I am driving 4 hours (and through 4 states!!) and I am worried that there will be no Nikki's :sweatdrop:
  9. ^^^MJDaisy I think you should be able to find a Nikki. Maybe Rebecca will be able to let you know since you are coming from so far. And even if you don't, this is a great opportunity to see lots of RMs in one place and have a good time.
  10. Don't worry MJDaisy I'm sure you'll be able to find a Nikki and hopefully it's in a color you've been wanting!!

    I think there will be a good variety of bags to choose from, but the colors will probably be limited. Although Rebecca is always good to us and I'm sure she will deliver!
  11. thanks so much for the encouraging words girls! :hugs: i am *hopefully* stressing for no reason!!
  12. Maybe some RM Mirror Bags, they must have a load them left as they are not very popular.
  13. I really want another MAM....but I don't think the Plan B Hobo sells well...and I happen to like it, so if the price was low enough on that I would jump on it.
  14. No i didn't attend it. I wasn't a member of TPF then. But after the SS was over, there were still over a hundred bags left. There was a huge thread in deals/steals about it. Over 100 pages long, and rebecca said that we could email Catalina to order.
  15. Has Rebecca ever done the online ss before? Has anyone made a purchase online for ss bags? Just wondering about the condition of the bags, will they be excessively manhandled? Just wondering....