Enough wishing- What do you think is REALLY going to be there?

  1. well thankyou for your best guess desi, i appreciate it!!
  2. I think there will be overstock as well. A lot of Plan B's, which don't seem to have sold well, and maybe some matinees in the less-popular colors. I also think there will be some true samples there. I'm hoping for something in hazelnut - maybe a Nikki (maybe a sample?) and possibly a Plan B or a MAB, or a Market Tote. I'd like something in Jade as well. And the Lex clutch in night/gold crackle.
  3. Maybe some of the MABs with gold crackle bottom and yellow/dusty and also other styles like the Rose, Market Tote, and Steady? I am also thinking maybe like glazed almond or ocean Nikki.

    SS may also have products that the designer used as "samples" to show to different buyers so you can end up with unique, one-of-a-kind stuff.
  4. I don't think the Rose clutch has sold well either so would expect it.
  5. To my best knowledge Rebecca has never done this online, only the phone orders. But at the in person SS everything seemed to be of high quality and mostly overstocks that I could see. I would imagine that Rebecca will post overstocks (therefore good condition) to the online sample sale, 1) because it is a lot of trouble to take pictures for one of a kind samples 2) she will probably want to post only good quality handbags to the online sale so there are no problems for TPFers.

    I really wouldn't be worried about the condition, I think everyone was very happy with phone in orders at the last SS.
  6. i think so, too. i am hoping so, at least ;) it is a good clutch for the city. we'll see...
  7. I think in June 2007 she had an online SS or I am pretty positive she has had one before. Maybe at the TPF party there will be some unique bags? I also agree that it would be hard to post pictures of bags that they do not already have stock photos of.

  8. ^^I purchased and returned it to LB and am not the biggest fan of it. I think the MA clutch will be better. Unless the fuschia is there, then I will get it!!
  9. Oh you know more than me, I joined TPF after that sale. :smile:
  10. i've been around for 2 sample sales and never bought anything!

    Nov 2007 - the website (vincent page) had tons of photos but you had to email your order. i tried to get a nikki, but they sold out of all the colors i wanted. my friend got a gorgeous black stonewash nikki with silver hardware, for $375!

    Jan 2008 - this one i found out from TPF deals & steals. email orders only. i didn't think the selection was that great (mostly dream bags and clutches).
  11. Yup I remember the Jan 08 SS. Was that when Cat said they found a box that accidentally didn't make it out and she emailed a list? I remember the list got posted here and within minutes all the popular styles (MAM, Nikki, MAB, Matinee) were sold out.
  12. yup-- that was the last SS! i think the list was only posted on TPF. i don't think i ever got an official email from RM about it.
  13. I am hoping for an Ocean Nikki, plan B in hazelnut or tangy and maybe one of the gorgeous new Nikki colors for the fall ahhh navy lux, deep red, patent red, patent navy or black.......well one can always hope!
  14. ^ I am hoping for an ocean nikki as well.
  15. I dont know what to expect but I hope there is as much selection as there was last time! Last time, there were tons of styles in a multitude of colors and at excellent prices. It was like a dream come true!