Enlighten The Prada Mommy With Your Hermes Knowledge!!lol!

  1. OK..I hate to admit this ...eh..hem..BUT ever since I went to the Paris Hermes store last month with Jillybean....I CANT STOP thinking about the EVELYN bag!!!!!!I saw it in a couple of colors and was VERY drawn to it!
    Can you guys enlighten me as to the leather variations..Sizes and colors..BE GENTLE..Im a MAJOR HERMES NEWBIE:s !!!!LOL!I own 2 pairs of Hermes shoes only..hee.hee
    Thanks in advance......and**dont tell the gals in the Prada forum Im in here..ROFL.!!!!....KIDDING!**:shame:

    I like BIG bags so Id be interested in a bigger size..I need to know what to ask for,what kind of leather and of course..How much pain my credit card will experience...LOLOLOL
  2. My Evelyne is the GM2 model in black clemence with GH...
    Hermes II 083 Medium Web view.jpg
  3. SoCal, I love yours!
  4. ^ So cal---what did yours cost and does it fit alot?
  5. It was just over $2K with tax (DH seems to recall $2300 or so). It fits a fair amount, but I would not say alot...

    To the gym...I have carried three magazines in the outside pocket...small towel, small water bottle, wallet, and phone in the interior pocket...

    Daily use...I typically carry a wallet, daytimer, phone, small cosmetic case, and sunglass case (still room for papers, magazines, etc. in outside pocket)...

    I don't love it overstuffed as it does not fit as nicely on the body...

    I would say the GM is somewhat similar in size to the LV denim baggy hobo (a friend has one of these for travel)...it can be worn on the shoulder or messanger style... The strap is not as long as the extender to use with the LV denim baggy messanger style so it fits more smoothly against the body...

    I am really looking forward to using Evelyne for travel...I purchased a new "streamlined" camera today just to suit her...
  6. WOW- I like your black one!...........I may defect to Hermes just this once...EH..HEm..ROFLMAO!!!
    Im dying for either Black,choc brown or One like Pelinakas graphite..ANyone see these or know a good SA to call??
  7. Jill, you will love the Evelyne! Such a great bag! :yahoo: Here's a couple pics of mine (PM $1675 plus tax).
    eveavatar.jpg evebw.jpg
  8. ^WOW!!! You have 2?? SO pretty!!!!!
  9. There is a gorgeous chocolate picture on the Evelyne thread. I also like the ebene color for a dark, dark brown...almost black... Potiron is also pictured on the Evelyne thread...also yummy... And rouge H might be nice...and...
  10. Ebene is choc brown?
  11. Thanks! Actually it's the same one just in different lighting with flash and without. It's Blue Jean Clemence. It's my one and only H bag so far and my fav bag!

    I do want to get another in Rouge H someday!
  12. ^I actually saw that color at the Paris store!!LOVES IT!
  13. OMG - Jill! Stray for just this one time! I think you owned an Herbag once though...right?

    I know the SCP store had one just like Peli's about a month ago. She was very helpful - can't remember her name though.
  14. Colors look especially great on these bags, but one can never go wrong with a neutral.