ENGAGEMENT RINGS! What does yours look like?

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  1. Looks perfect & unique! Happy you can enjoy your beautiful diamond again.
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  2. Thank You!
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  3. Thank you!
  4. Ooh! Is this a Heidi Gibson ring?
  5. OMG love this ring!
  6. Not technically “mine” anymore - my boyfriend ordered this ring in for me a week ago, and since something went wrong with the order, 1) the surprise was ruined and 2) I had to ship it back immediately ): Now in mourning for this lovely piece
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  7. Indeed the ring is beautiful, classy, elegant and it suits you very well. Hopefully something could be done:smile:)
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  8. I’m sorry about the order issues. Hopefully you get your gorgeous ring back soon! Congrats on your engagement!
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