ENGAGEMENT RINGS! What does yours look like?

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  1. Not part of my original set but the only jewelry I seem to wear these days.. 5 stones anniversary gift for 5 years of mariage❤
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  2. I prefer the first photo with your 5-stone and the band... it’s beautiful and classic.
  3. I’m having my engagement ring reset. I typically prefer yellow gold, but I’m thinking this will look best in Platinum. Thoughts?

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  4. Love this color on you
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  5. Beautiful setting and color.
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  6. Thank you!
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  7. Thank you very much!
  8. Thank you! That's the combo that I went with :smile:. I like the thinner ring on its own too, so sometimes I wear the anniversary looking one on my right hand and the thin one as a wedding band. Maybe one year for a big anniversary we'll do something totally different, but for now I like my set.
    My vote is for platinum as well! It looks great with your skin tone.
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  9. I wanted to share my (FINAL!- yes that's my final answer!) upgrade here with my TPF family. TPF has been a big part of my life the last 6 years, so it only makes sense to share here too!

    It's been a LOOONG old road to a) find something that goes with my actual wedding band (yay!) and b) make up my mind and stop dividing my loyalties (and finances) between antique cuts and modern stones. So when I found this ring and finally figured out it was going to look great with my rarely worn wedding band, I got MrBcat's blessing and sold my other rings (and some scarves +1 purse!) to get it. :smile:

    Some stats for the curious- She is a GIA graded M SI1 Old Mine Brilliant (old cuts won!) of 2.42cts measuring 8.19x8.49 in a platinum (modern) antique style setting.

    The ring is currently a 5.5+ (and I am cramming it on my size 6+ finger for now! :lol: )

  10. Spectacular! I love the Old Mine cuts. You must have dainty fingers cuz that stone looks twice the size on you! Wear it in good health!
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  11. Thank you kindly chessmont! I’ve come to the conclusion I love cushions! Though I do still love the flowery OEC rounds and will miss my old one. I’m about a size 6-6.25 sometimes a 6.5 in the summer. (It’s a little tight on me right now but I couldn’t stand to send it for sizing yet!)
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  12. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it’s so beautiful! Great choice!
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  13. Thank you kbell! :flowers:
  14. I am dying here.....omg......so beautiful!!!
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  15. Thank you so much Compass Rose! :flowers: