enable me to get a small agenda!

  1. Hey all, I've been reading through threads about how girls just love the small agenda, but I need a little push. Any enablers available? :graucho:
  2. i'll enable you! it's the one item i absolutely use everyday. it's small enough to fit into all my bags, yet is big enough for my needs. i use a day on a page lv inserts and it's enough room, i use a tiffany pen. the tiffany blue looks so lovely on the brown. it has 3 cc slots, and if you need more room, you can add a plastic sleeve to the back of the agenda. i really love mine and i would own more than one![​IMG]
  3. I love mine. I've had three different PDAs and got a small Framboise agenda in January and have no regrets. The agenda fits in all my bags and I get plenty of compliments on it. It is so shiny and pretty and you can get cute refills to put in them.

    The indigo will be FAB!! Go get it!
  4. Get it! Get it! Get it! You NEED it!!!:yes:
  5. I am absolutely available for an enabling job. I have a mono small ring agenda and LOVE it! I really use it every day. I am very forgetful, so any notes I need to make go right on the LV note pages that I have (oh so useful and also some nice bling). I have the Filofax week on two pages inserts and also love those. They're big enough for me to write my day's events on them. I also have the Filofax little plastic zip pocket and the credit card inserts in case I want to use it as a wallet! I will post pics later for ya of all of the above! :p
  6. The small agena is great you will love it.
  7. LOL short and straight and to the point. :nuts:
  8. OMG Aarti...not in a million years did I ever think to buy a small ring agenda, but it is absolutely my fav piece in my bag!! It's sooo useful. I use it as my month and weekly planner, plus I put all my appointment cards and business cards (for vet/hair dresser/doc/dentist) in there for easy access and I do all my wishlist for more LV on there and info I find from the forum or from 866. Totally useful! and the price is pretty good too! You can also convert it into a wallet like many member have done, but I don't like it.

    all in all,
    BUY IT!
  9. I love mine! I have the Pomme and get SOOOO many compliments on it, way more then any purse I have! OMG i love it, i use it as a wallet too :smile:
  10. Seriously, I had a larger Franklin planner I used forever then upgraded to a Handspring (Palm like device) and then didn't use anything. I missed not writing things down. My small agenda was one of the first things I bought after my wallet and Speedy. I may not carry it everyday, but it is used everyday. I found some cute My Melody/Kuromi refills on eBay that fit as well. It's just cute and classy.
  11. get it, it's so pretty to look at. and then you will WANT to be more organized by taking it out more and writing in it.
  12. I also want an agenda...but I never get around to buy it. Don't know why.........you ladies think it's more useful than a wallet?
  13. I thought I had to have one too. Well it sits unused in my purse. I have NEVER used it. It is really too small for me to use. It is super cute, and is a nice card holder though if you need extra credit card storage. I guess I am in the minority...
  14. No, I'm with you crjj, I'm not using mine either & want to kick myself for it. I need to use it for organizing but am not organized enough to pull it out & use it~
  15. I'm not really using mine either.. team.. spent money on an agenda that could have been a cles or something else ! :shame:

    Oh man, it is pretty tho !