Elizabeth and James shoe sizing help??

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  1. I seriously cannot find any resources regarding how these shoes fit. I've found some cute ones for a good sale price and some I love that are not so sale priced..... :P but I have no idea if they run small or big or whatever. Has anyone here tried them on/own any?

    Alsoooo for anyone who read my Repetto post- got the 39.5's the other day. They fit a tad small, there is minimum toe bumpage (but it isn't really noticeable). I think a 40 would probably work for me, especially in the ones that don't stretch a lot (like the patent). Still waiting on the sparkly ones from ASOS. And already checking out new ones :P I'm in love.
  2. I tried on a pair of E&J shoes at a sale, and I found they run a bit small. I'm usually about a 7 or 7.5, but the 8 fit best.
  3. hate to give you contradictory advice - but i found that they ran slightly large. i'm typically a 7.5, but i'm a 7 in E&J - i love their shoes though! hope you enjoy them!
  4. i know zappos has some styles of E&J and they have always given me great cs!
  5. Agh, why hasn't TPF been informing me of these comments? D:

    @eliza: I hope so!

    @elmel: :sad: Are your feet narrow though? I have very wide feet, so I usually order shoes based on whether or not I can fit my fat feet in them than anything else. Zappos was no help for me, the customer rep I talked to had no info on the shoes at all.

    I bought a pair from ebay in a size 9. The girl was kind enough to measure them for me and said they were 10.5 inches long and 3.25 at the widest point. Now, most of my shoes are only 10 inches long (my feet are a little over 9.5 inches lengthwise) but I did have a pair of flats I wore to DEATH that were the same length and they fit fine. Also the shoes are pointy, which means my toes wont actually being going that far into them. I think. I've always been confused if a certain length in a flat fits you if the same is true for heels, as your foot sits differently in each.
  6. Which styles are you considering?

    The few closed toe pump styles I've tried on have been TTS.
  7. @ sharbear508: I'm after the Elizabeth and James Jean bootie now. It's the envelope folded leather bootie with the stiletto heel. Here's them on Zappos http://www.zappos.com/elizabeth-and-james-jean

    TTS might not mean much with my feet. My feet are very wide (4 inches across at the widest point). So I usually have to size up in narrower shoes (and by narrow I mean normal. *sigh*)
  8. robyn - i'd say my feet are average width, maybe a little narrow. i have the ruffle bootie pair (where i went down a 1/2 size). but i agree that i sometimes go down sizes in heels anyway - the pair i have is i think a 4" heel, so that might account for me going down in size as well. if your feet are wider i might suggest TTS. enjoy them - the pair you linked to is gorgeous! i am eyeing another pair of E&J too!
  9. they run TTS for me! my feet are on the narrow side.
  10. *BUMP!*

    help! about to enter cc details, but wanna rule out sizing doubts. thinkin if i should go half size down for minimal gaping around the ankle. what do you think?

    anyone have these: E&J Swoon Wedge Booties