Ecofriendly- "green" shoping bag options

  1. Since I can't do a search function right now, thought I'd start a new thread. My husband and I have pledged to go more green for our new year's resolution this year. I figure why not support our goal by finding some awesome reusable shopping bags.
    So, what do you use?
    I think the baggu (sp?) ones are cute. Don't really know of any others. Oh, and ones small enough to tuck in my handbag are a real plus!
  2. My local stores (Whole Foods is one of them and is a chain) have their own bags, but these aren't small enough to tuck into a purse/handbag. I vote for the baggu bags! Their colors are so easy to find in my purse and they are super lightweight but strong! The shape of the bag makes easily one of the best capacity recylable bags out there too....
  3. I have the Baggu and like them a lot. I bought about 6 or so, and then I can't remember if it came with, but there is a large pouch that can hold all the bags, and you can even sling it over your shoulder if you are going in the store without a purse.
  4. I use Chicco Bags. There are strong, fold into there own integrated pouch, so I always keep a couple in my purse. AND when they get worn out, you can send them back to Chicco Bags and they will recycle them. Plus they come in lots of fun colors!

    Check out there website -

    Also, I've used a number of types of reusable bags, and have found these are the easiest for myself, and the bagger to use. They fit easily over the handles of the plastic bag holder at the store, keeping the bag open and easy to sack. Other bags can be a pain to keep open or keep the handles out of the way.
  5. Thanks for the replies- keep 'em coming! Those chicobags look pretty cool. Hmmm, decisions, decisions. And buying for a good cause :smile:
  6. I got bags from Ireland at Supervalue and Tesco. Been using them every week for the last 6 years and they are still in great shape. I keep 2 bags in my car at all time for trip to the farmer's market, local farm or Trader Joes.

    If you know someone inthe UK, you can ask them to bring some back for you, they run 1 Euro each, a steal!
  7. i was in scoop this weekend and they had cute ones that said "green and beautiful" on them :yes:
  8. so- is baggu worth the three extra dollars over chicobags? ($8 for baggu as opposed to $5 for chico)
  9. I have an EZ bag that I bought from a local museum store that I like b/c of its small carry-pouch size. I've been using it regularly and have had no problem stuffing it back into its carrying sack.

    I have to say that its handles aren't that comfortable for all day carrying on the shoulder. For that, I prefer Envirosax. My only complaint about Envirosax is that it could fold down to even smaller if the wraparound strap was tighter.
  10. I have a eco cotton shopping bag which cost me 99pence from co op, another eco thick cotton bag which was free with marie claire (actully cost me the price of the mag, as i don't read mc anymore!!). And i recently bought a Longchamp Le Pliage bag. I like to put one or more inside my handbag whenever i go out. I get quite annoyed with myself if i forget.
  11. the chicobags look like they might be slightly larger than the baggus, but they don't mention gusset size nor the drop length...The baggu can hold 25lbs. vs. the chico's 20 lbs. The drop on the baggu is pretty comfortable for me - though I'm not sure of the measurement. I adore the baggu colors! I guess I would say it's worth it...

    It is kind of funny that honestly, I didn't need to buy three baggu bags when I should have just used the paper shopping bags that I have from retail stores over and over again until they burst....I don't have a shortage of these bags since I keep seeing them all over my house! Food for thought....:push:

    ETA: the chicobag do have a funny video though!
  12. audball- Thanks so much for your assessment. You are pulling me towards the baggu....
  13. This is a great thread! One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing people lugging tons of plastic bags home from the grocery store, often with only a couple of items in each one because the bags aren't strong enough to hold more. Even worse is then seeing those same plastic bags flying down the sidewalk, hanging in a tree or stuffed in a garbage bin. Using eco-friendly totes is a small change we can all make in this new year! I use the ones that Whole Foods and Trader Joes sell, but all of the suggestions above sound great as well. And I encourage you all to check out these mesh bags - you use them for produce instead of the little plastic bags!
  14. But do the Baggu bags fold into there own integrated pouch, so you can put it in your purse?

    I guess my recomendation would be get a couple of the Chicco to keep in your purse for small trips, and then get the three or six pack of baggu for the larger trips. I find that I only keep a couple of my Chico bags in my purse, and the rest I leave open shoved into one bag.

    Also, check out They have a nice assortment of bags, and I like there produce bags. Also there Acme bags are similar to the Chicobags and the Baggu and come in four colors.