eBay sided seller who never shipped my item

  1. Sorry this is happening. Be sure and use eBay to request her contact info. They will email you her name, address and phone number. Then they email her your info saying you requested her info and they gave it to you. This let's the scammer know you mean business because you need this personal info to get anywhere with a police claim, small claims court, and any other place you can report her too.

    If you decide to call her, the call will probably rattle her, and sometimes just knowing that you have her info and can proceed to report her all over the place will encourage her to do the right thing. Good luck, and very smart to try and keep this under the radar. word of advice, if anyone asks you to post the link to the auction - be careful. Use Private Messages for that because as in Hilaryroxmasox case, people looked up the auction and contacted the scammer and told her about the thread. In her case it worked out, in others - not so much.

    Hope you get this resolved.
  2. So happy to hear you finally got your final and for real refund (minus the bogus $100) from this "seller." I encourage anyone who has been hit by fraud to do any and everything they can to report the fraud and pursue it to the end. That is what I plan to do, and would encourage all to do.

    ETA: everything Cocolo said!
  3. Yay, you got your refund (well, minus the harassment fees, lol, what a moron)!!!

    Thanks for your kind words. I am trying to get the Swedish PO to refund the whole amount but Royal Mail will not admitt that they delivered it. They regard it as lost. I have filed with Action Fraud (the Met police I think?) and I continue pushing where ever I can. I also wrote eBay (even though the sale was only via paypal but the original listing was on ebay) I told them of this and I also said that I don´t care if they close my ebay account for me selling outside of ebay. I cannot sell there anymore anyway nor can I use paypal.

    I have alot of friends in London so I go there quite regularly, next time I will file a police report against her and Royal Mail with her local police station.
  4. I surely do wish you luck with this, and I admire your tenacity with trying to get justice. You really ought to be made "whole" with this.
  5. If they regard it as lost, and have said so in correspondence, does that allow you to file an insurance claim for the amount?

  6. sounds like she has read this board and the comments!!!:graucho:
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    Yes, they do but I will only get 10 000 Sek, not 17 700 (£1500) Sek which is what my paypal debt is. Since it´s trackable with date, time and postal code it has per definition been delivered by Royal Mail (someone has had to scann it manually for the info to turn up at the website). They have just not followed through with requiring a signature. This is where I consider myself eligeble for the full amount of the loss, not just what it was insured for. I demand either a signature or a full refund and I have taken this further up to be looked at and decided. I don´t expect to win though.

    Since I couldn´t provide a signature (which I had paid for, and always do)PP ruled in the favor of the buyer. By neglecting to request said signature and delivering the package anyway, Royal Mail has caused me to lose the case. I bought a service which has not been followed through with.
  8. The scammer has bad feedback which shows up on toolhaus.org, and I didn´t check that before agreeing to the sale.