eBay fees are going up (again)

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  1. Just got this email... (I am not sure if this was already posted, if it was and I missed it, Sorry!)

    Insertion fee is increasing to .40 cents
    FVF for items $25.01- $1000 increasing to 3.25%
  2. What's really crappy is that the 40 cents only apply if you list it up to 9.99. I just listed a wallet for 14.99 and the insertion fee is 60 cents. Nichol and diming us...
  3. That sucks! When does it go up? Effective immediately?
  4. Effective January 30. They are just going to keep inching their way up with the fees and its not right! I'm really sick of eBay :cursing:
  5. that sucks especially the final value fee. ugh 3% already kills me. ughhhhhhhh
  6. Well... Amazon and Yahoo! auctions fees are still zero, as far as I know.

    Why not switch to Yahoo ?
  7. one word... *UGH*

    and that's not even a word...
  8. I just got the eBay notice too in the mail. I'm so annoyed right now...
  9. I just got the notice also and was coming here to psot about it. I am annoyed, very annoyed.
  10. ME TOO! If Bill Cobbs says that it was (according to Nielsen NetRatings) the most successful online site for "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" it seems to me that they are already making plenty of money. It's not about keeping "the marketplace strong for eBay sellers"...give me a break! ! With over 1300 feedback since Jan. 1999, I've just about given up making much of a profit. It's almost not worth it! Ridiculous!
  11. That is ridiculous! I wonder, besides ebay, if there are any other sites that work well to auction off high end items...
  12. My point exactly! If you are tired of ebay - go some place else, like Yahoo or Amazon.

    And (a bit of self promotion, I admit) you can also take your hard-earned feedback with you from eBay to Amazon/Yahoo using this site SeeMyFeedback.com
  13. Amazon is not a very good site for high end items. And, how big is Yahoo with the auctions anyway?
  14. Correct, currently Amazon and Yahoo auctions are not big. However, they will grow as more and more people are getting annoyed with eBay. Anyway, it does not cost you anything to list BOTH at eBay and Yahoo. And now when you can combine your feedback from both Yahoo and eBay using the site (SeeMyFeedback.com) I've mentioned above it's definately worth a try.
  15. I wouldn't mind paying the higher fees if they had better customer support. A while back, they promised that they'd stop sending the canned emails. That lasted only a couple months. Now they send them again. When you send something to Trust & Safety, the person on the receiving end does not even READ it. Often a simple problem takes five emails to resolve because the answerer doesn't read (or possibly understand) what you need help with. That is the most frustrating thing to me.