eBay Chat Thead... woohoo!!!

  1. Lady Isobel - where ya been - you and your darling little goat??Good thing Bal did not get him for a bag, eh?
  2. I've been here, must be missing one another !
    You know, i've never the considered the goat and Bal thing ! Now i feel bad that i love that goaty pic yet carry goat on my arm ! does that make sense ?
  3. That is a steal!
  4. You are paying homage!
  5. Luv that idea!!

  6. Oh no, I had no idea... :sad:
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    For those who didn't know about Liz's/Adoptastray's tragic passing here is her memorial facebook group below. My apologies, I thought we'd practically PM'd all of tPF but I know some people weren't informed...and what an aweful way to find out by checking out a chat thread.

    You don't have to be on facebook to view it, but you have to be on to comment or post. If any of you guys want to make a note (and aren't on facebook) on the site I'd be happy to add it for you!

  8. Amour, my goodness, I just knew Adopt-a-Stray is passed. I am very sorry....She certainly will be missed...God bless her family.
  9. ^^ Thanks so much for the link, Amour. :flowers:

    How awful. :sad:
  10. Yes, it is very sad. Liz was such a neat lady and a true advocate for animal adoption. And just a great sense of humor and a lot of FUN. Miss her much.
  11. I didn't know either. How sad. It is not normally the purpose of a chat thread but it is nice that she is being remembered on TPF like this.
  12. Well, then.. I am thinking we need to lighten this up, and we can just dedicate our HAT HEAD to Liz and PARTY ON for her. She'd likely be most irritated to see the solemn faces...

    SO, here's to ya LIZ....:drinkup:... PARTY ON!:party:
  13. :drinkup::drinks::drinkup:
  14. I'm totally having "one of those days"

    I just dropped my 20oz latte 2 1/2 feet to the floor...full- Coffee EVERYWHERE.
    I just found some foam splatter on the 10ft ceiling and in the entry of my closet (15 feet).
    So glad I have hardwood and not ruined carpet...we'd have had to tear it out!

    have any of your guys used eBay turbo lister? I lost 2 1/2 hours of my day fooling with that and nothing would upload either!!!

    Thank HEAVENS it is Friday and Martini night at my fav Tapa's restaurant! :yahoo: