eBay Chat Thead... woohoo!!!

  1. I guarantee the question is asked OFTEN :roflmfao:
  2. Hey you!!

    This is just too much fun.. FAMILY REUNION TIME!!
  3. Buenas Noches, chicas. Hasta manana!:sleepy:
  4. I had a random thought today and had to resist posting a thread-all of the songs/infomercials/jingles that were ever so catchy that they stuck in your head? Yes, I have set out to torture myself! :lol:

    "five dollar....five dollar....five dollar foot lonnnnnnngggg"

    "mentos better...mentos fresher..."

    "MY buddy My buddy...my buddy and meeeee"

    and I can think of a zillion more!

    I should go to bed tooo....will dream up some more of these for tomorrow :lol:.
  5. Yeah.. you better go to bed cause you are losing your mind! ;)
  6. I'm just trying to drag you down with me :nuts:!
  7. Yea! Chat thead or hat head or whatevah. A new place to post bag on bag violence photos!!! Andddddddddd, anybody score any new bags, shoes, or clothes recently? I have 5 new pairs of shoes...
  8. Morning Pegs! Happy to see you in our new hat head!

    TGIF PEEPS:biggrin:
  9. Hey everyone! I've been hanging in the "What a Fabulous Outfit and it only cost ____" in the wardrobe section......I bought my greatest find to date this week, I literally sh*t myself when I found it......a wool tweed fitted blazer by Tracy Reese, it has the most gorgeous rhinestone buttons and rhineston/sequin detail on the collar and pocket. I took some pics last night and then my camera battery died...it's being charged right now. Did I mention it was only $5.00 at Goodwill?????
  10. Hey yall, I am SO EXCITED!!! What a great place to hang out. Feel like it has been way too long since we had a "home" to talk about WHATEVER (nothing?:p). YAAAAAAY:yahoo:
  11. Yay for a chat thread! I have an idea who the main posters in this thread are gonna be LOL. :upsidedown:
  12. ^ I love those rummage/goodwill type stores!
  13. Hi there, itsonlyme - Yes, we are all going to try behave, yet be scintillating and informative. And OK downright silly:happydance:

    Hi Bunny :p Love thrift stores, esp. if they carry great designer bags for pennies, right?
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    Since this is clearly the club of insiders, I thought I would share my special secret eBay find with you.

    Cole Haan shearling clogs - only $359 - someone better hit the buy it now fast! Why pay full retail of $150-180 -- that's for suckas!