Dry Desert Blueberry...

  1. So I am clutching my new Blueberry Day and it's gorgeous..but so, so parched-feeling! I spent a good hour twisting and smushing it (Prison Break was on, so it was like a stress ball) earlier this week and it helped a bit, but the bag just feels so dry and sort of thick. Not like the B-Bag leather I love at all. Is it just not a great leather or is there some great product I should put on it? I just ordered the full LMB stuff...will that help?
  2. Sounds like she needs some moisturizer! Goat skin (leather) gets dry just like your skin does. I think the LMB will help.
  3. Yes, the LMB products will make a difference in the feel of the leather and give it a "drink." Congrats on the new Day bag! I just got a black one and really love the leather on mine. :love:
  4. We're supposed to twist and smoosh the bags? Whats the benefit of that? Bags arent supposed to be this much work!:confused1:
  5. They are like husbands. I have to twist and smoosh my man at least twice a day.

    I'd be scared to be so rough with my bag though.
  6. i never did this for my oldeer bags until '04.
    but i did this for my magenta, and it's GREAT how much changes you can see my massaging and twisting!
    it made the leather's more vintage and old look! :P
  7. :roflmfao::graucho:
  8. Stylefly:
    That is exactly how my blueberry day is - I spent last night massing lubriderm and scrunching (also while watchin tv) and it does feel better but still looks pretty veiny.

    Let me know how yours progresses.
  9. i massaged by hand on and off all day using the apple conditioner. It really really made a difference. I just little parts on and off. until it was terrific. mine seemed really thirsty too and almost chalky film like until I did this
  10. LMB will definetely help. I have this problem from time to time with my ink city and cornflower first. I use the moisturizer (2 coats) and after that the pre-treatment )2 coats) and the bags are so soft and smushy after this, it's incredible.
  11. I love to condition & massage my bags but I won't squish, scrunch or twist.
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