Dry Cleaners Ruined My Silk Blouse

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  1. The cleaners attached the receipt over the plastic cover with a staple and with it my silk blouse. I have two tiny hole marks on the shoulder. Is there anything that could be done? I paid a small fortune for this blouse, and now it's ruined.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  2. So sorry about your blouse. Go back and demand the cleaner pay for the blouse! They should give you every dime you paid for that piece!
  3. I'd see if they can do some sort of small repair on the inside of the blouse so it doesn't show on the outside.
  4. I'd call the manager/owner & have a conversation about this.

    They have insurance & should offer you full reimbursement or make an overture
    as to what they can do.

    You should ask for what you want...Can the blouse be replaced? If a repair
    can be done would you be happy?
  5. What a totally stupid thing to do, and a nightmare for you

    They will have insurance, if you want to pursue compensation
  6. Try steaming it.
    I once had a dry cleaner put a safety pin right through a silk sash, and it closed up when I steamed it.
  7. It happened to one of my dresses a few years ago. The dry cleaner had insurance and they paid for the dress...
  8. Just got back from a weekend trip; I had a chance to think it through. :smile: This is a family owned business and the woman is so sweet and kind; reaching out to be recently when my mother passed. I'm going to *gently* remind her to please be careful. The last time I had this same blouse cleaned there she put a safety pin on the hem, so when I brought it in this time I asked her to please only put safety pins on the tag. I've never had a problem with any other silk blouses with her.

    Ordinarily I would have NO problem demanding a cleaner pay for clothes they've ruined. ;)
  9. I read about the steam method on the net, and I'm going to try it. :smile:
  10. This is one of the reasons I love TPF, not only do we get to share our love of handbags/shoes/clothes, etc., etc., but you can come here and post a problem and always receive support.

  11. I hope the steam method works. I know in retail, when they pin the clothes to be smaller on a mannequin, they steam out the holes.

  12. :hugs: so sorry to hear about your Mom. Thinking of you!
  13. Thank you. :hugs:
  14. We did the same thing. A good steamer is invaluable!
  15. so sorry to hear about your blouse :sad: