Downgrade from Clinique??

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  1. hi all, I just realized I spend a lot of $$ on my all-clinique regimen and was wondering if you know of any store brands that are similar but cheaper. I was thinking neutrogena since I like their oil free sunblock a lot.

    also, my sis told me that toner is a waste of money and that it doesn't really do anything. is this true? I love clinique toner..............

    TIA , any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. What is your skin type? Which Clinique products are you using right now?
  3. I dont know if you can get simple prodcuts in the us, (assuming that is where you are, I cant see!!), but they are the best drugstore brand, no fragrance, ph balanced, very good. toner is not a waste of time, it helps to remove the last traces of makeup and cleanser, and helps to tighten pores. I cant live without it!!!
  4. Im sorry OP, I cant suggest anything, but HAD to ask this...

    Where are you at that Clinique is a drugstore brand? Just curious!
  5. I think toner really helps out my skin with controlling breakouts. Not to sound gross either but, I notice the cotton pad (that I use for my toner) is sometimes dirty even after I've washed my face. So I think toner is essential. I actually use a Neutrogena toner. You should check out Aveeno products too. I really like their line.
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    I switched a couple of Clinique products. I was using the repairwear wrinkle formula (very expensive) to prevent crows feet around my eyes and switched to the neutrogena anti wrinkle cream. I feel it is just as effective. Been using this for about a year. I really like it. I continue to use the clinique three step and all about eyes (at night). I think the toner helps alot. I also notice the cotton round is sometimes a little dirty after washing and using the toner so I believe it's a needed least for me. I use it twice a day in the three step. I alternate the clinique superdefense with a neutrogena product as my daily facial sunscreen. The repairwear and superdefense is just sooo expensive. My wife started me on clinique several years ago when they began the mens line. She had a friend that was a clinique manager and had me switch to the regular three step #2. She said it was exactly the same thing in different packaging but much cheaper than the mens bso I have been using this for several years. It has really helped my skin alot. We have occasional fascials (4-5 year) at a local esthetician school and I get so many comments on my skin since using clinique.
  7. 4everglamm, my guy uses Clinique products too! He also likes Kiehl's. They are both great- unfussy and they work really well! We share a lot of the products, actually.

    To the OP's question about toner- I do feel it's helpful, I find that the right toner can smooth out your skin and tighten pores, plus the cotton pad often comes away dirty after you use it, so it is removing some residue. If you really want cheap, try Witch Hazel, which is available in the first aid section of your drugstore for about $2.
  8. Val, I don't think she was saying that Clinique is a drugstore brand, rather she is recommending "Simple" which, apparently, is a drugstore brand.
  9. Alpha Hydrox would be a great drugstore line to try.
  10. hello there, I was saying that 'simple' is a drugstore brand in the uk. sorry for the confusion!!!!!xx
  11. I stopped using toner for a little, because I ran out of it ... and wow, there's a difference. Without using a toner, I find that my skin is just not as smooth as it could be. It also helps remove other nasty stuff from my face that just cleansing is not taking care of.
  12. Ohhhhhh hahaha. Gotcha! I didnt realize "Simple" was a brand name. Thanks for clarifying!
    For a minute I was like "I need to move where you are living if Clinique is a drugstore brand there:nuts:" lol!
  13. Got it. LOL! Im a ditz sometimes, what can I say! :sweatdrop:
  14. I recommend that you purchase (after trying it out first) the 32 oz. Philosophy Purity as a face wash/makeup remover and Oil of Olay moisturizing lotion. The Purity will cost around $30, but it will last a LONG time and it replaces your regimen. While toner feels kind of good on the skin, it really doesn't do anything significant. Purity will cover the entire cleaning regimen by Clinique. The Olay lotion is very similar to Clinique's "Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion" but is much cheaper. I have used all kinds of stuff, including high end brands like La Mer, but I keep coming back to this for daily moisture and my skin looks great.

  15. Thanks....I'll give it a try.That would lessen the time in the bathroom as well if i could perform all three steps in one! I'm not a morning person so I usually dont have much time in the AM. I do like the "Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion" though!