Downgrade from Clinique??

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  1. go to the source. Clinique toner contains witch hazel. a product available at the drugstore
  2. God I would be LOST without my cliniques toner !!

    I use the number 3 toner and although I don`t use any other clinique products I love

    their toner,brilliant for shrinking open pores.
  3. Thanks, Jahpson. I was thinking I'd read that Witch Hazel could be used as a toner.

    I think toner does make a difference in my skin.
  4. I would be lost without Clinique, period.
    It has truly, TRULY changed my skin for the better.

    I use 7 different products before I even start with my makeup. And for as much as I've tanned in the past - there's not a single whisper of a wrinkle....... LOVE LOVE LOVE this line!
  5. I actually would not suggest a downgrade. Clinique's 3 step line is great. I actually updraded to Dermalogica and love it even more but I have gone back to using the Dramatically Different Gel as my moisturizer. And just Dermalogica to cleanse, exfoliate, and tone.

    Another line that would be good to try is Mario Badescu.

    Regardless, keep toner in your regimen. It helps tighten you skin and get the nasty gunk off! I think it's a must.

    I used to use the #3 formula and would use it again if the Dermalogica products stop working (a friend turned me onto them and I loooooove them). Been using them since March though and my face has never looked better (except a nasty stint with cheek acne after using the wrong makeup brush cleaner).

    Neutrogena is good though, so if you must downgrade, I'd go with them.