Dooney and Bourke

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  1. What is your opinion on Dooney and Bourke? Do you care for their "stuff"? I'm just wondering because I don't see very many people talking about their products.
  2. I used to like Dooney when they had the "duck" as their logo, but once they got the colorful D&B signature plastered all over their bags and have Lindsey Lohan as their spokes model, I put them on my "black list" so no offense to any of the Dooney lovers out there. :P
  3. The brand is not very popular in my area. I own one D& B bag. It is a solid orange leather shoulder bag. Thank goodness it does not look like a typical D&B bag, but I think it will be my first and last D&B bag. Besides, I do not think it can keep up with its direct competition COACH. Quite frankly, I would pick a COACH bag over a D&B every time.
  4. I like the alligator-embossed duffle bag, but not much else, my Mom likes them a lot though
  5. Same here. :amuse:
  6. why do a lot of people seem to like Coach?
  7. they're really high quality (i have a mini sig and black leather hobo that's several years old that still looks brand new, even though it's not entirely leather), their designs are pretty classic and timeless, and for what you're paying, you can get some really great bags. D&B, on the other hand...i walked by a display of one of their bags the other day and, having never actually held one, picked it up and fingernail made an audible scratching sound on the signature print - it was gross. i don't know if it's treated leather or treated canvas or what, but eww. a lot of their designs seem to be quite juvenile, too. i always find it odd whenever i see someone over 18 wearing one of their print bags.
  8. I see wayyyy too many kids carrying D&B signature bags in my area so I'm trying to avoid D&B but I still like their all leather bags though. I just feel that D&B is becoming way too main stream but Coach is getting there too. It just makes me sad to see every other girls at the mall carrying either the D&B or Coach signature series. It has become a uniform and it's quite annoying! :sad2: That's why I'm starting to go towards the LEATHER Coach bags and steering away from their signature line too. I need to be unique... :lol:
  9. IMO D & B and Coach don't have an original design for a bag between them.
  10. Is designer "stuff" really that popular these days? Maybe it's because of the reason you mentioned. They are relatively inexpensive and a good investment.
  11. That's really sad. It's kinda like fake Louis Vuitton. It's really disturbing that so many people want it yet they choose to get a fake. It's kinda embarassing to the people who actually pay retail...sorry.
  12. I think both are trying to copy the bigger designers like LV, Gucci, and Fendi...
  13. That's exactly right. I love an original design no matter who made it.
  14. I like most of their stuff but I dont like the colorful bags. I like the all weather bags. I have a Cabriolet Bucket bag by them with perforated leather. It's very classy. But the Belero bag is trash. They should stick with what they know.
  15. I don't like Dooney...the last thing from there I liked was the Signature Tassel Tote, but other than that...Dooney does nothing for me. Nothing personal to those that do like Dooney, but bleh. I like Coach - a lot - but lately Coach is getting kind of bleh as well. The fish and bubbles is kind of wack to me, and some of their signature designs are also...