does your SA typically charge you shipping? esp. those of you who buy alot from them?

  1. or do they waive it for you?
  2. ^ I've never paid shipping...have you?
  3. yes, i always pay shipping. but it seems like shiping charge is one of those things that a SA can easily over ride, everytime i call neiman, i've always been offered free shipping, but have always ended up buying from Saks and always get charged shipping
  4. I've always paid shipping.
  5. do you typically work w/ one SA or do you buy from various places?
  6. I have one that does not charge me.
  7. Various SAs but I would imagine if you buy alot from one SA they would do that for you.
  8. I've never paid shipping. . . I'd be shocked if Shannon charged me shipping on a $2k bag!:shocked:
  9. I have had return shipping waived and have had free shipping offered to me as well. This is only after I told the SA how much money I spent on shipping/return shipping trying to find shoes that fit- they waived my return shipping for a pair of shoes and offered free shipping to ship another pair. This was from a Chanel boutique.

    Otherwise, I always have to pay shipping. I have asked Bergdorf's to waive shipping and they said they just cannot do it.
  10. yeah, that's what i would expect too, after buying 3 bags from my SA over the last 2 months. kinda "hurt" that i wasn't given free shipping
  11. ^^That is awesome! Maybe I should call Shannon lol!

    They should always give us free overnight shipping if we are spending so much. It is kinda funny that we still get charged.:rolleyes:
  12. i've asked about free shipping before from Saks and the SA was willing to do it; i think he said he needed to get a confirmation from his manager but he said it should be fine.
  13. i see..overall i think neiman has looser shipping policy, everytime i call, w/o me asking, they always offer to waive the shipping charges.
  14. I've never paid shipping
  15. where do you typically buy from?