Does Your Galliera Do This???

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  1. I Just Got This Bag And Am Not Sure If It's My Bag Or Everyone Elses. When The Bag Has Nothing In It It Look Perfectly Fine. However, When I Put My Things In It The Top Part Where It Is Open Gets All Crooked/uneven And Slouchy. From Looking At Others Photos I Think There Is Something Wrong With Mine. I Realize The Middle Slouches But The Top Too? Is It Me?
  2. Have you got demo pics?
  3. LOL...I have a thread on this topic bag does it too.I decided to keep it and deal though
  4. ^^^ nop....this has been discussed.... and mine does it too! i guess this is how this bag is! i still LOVE my bag!

    find Jill's thread....we talked about it....
  5. I Am Computer Illiterate And Don't Know How To Do It. I Wish I Could Take Pics To Show What I Mean.
  6. I Read The Thread. I Thought She Meant Her Zipper Didn't Snap Correctly. I Thought Hers Looked Good In The Photo Compared To Mine!
  7. Mine does it too ...i was holding it flat when i took definately does the same thing as yours!
  8. Thanks Jill!! Hope Your Baby Is Feeling Better.
  9. Galliera slouches when I put stuff in it, but it's very soft and I think it meant to slouch.
  10. In any case my bon bon slouches like anything too if it's any comfort.
  11. If the Galliera have problem like you've said, I am rethinking about getting it.
  12. I have the Galliera PM too and yes mine also gets slouchy at the top. Because it has the snap closure it doesn't come open but it does get slouchy looking. I actually like that though, it's a true Hobo bag and except for the feet on the bottom isn't structured. I LOVE mine, but if it's not you take it spend all that money you need to be happy. Good luck
  13. So I got the Galliera PM and love it. The only trouble is the snap doesn't seem to be strong enough to keep the bag closed and I don't even carry that much in my bag! When I toss it on my shoulder it pops open and when I set it down it pops open.:hysteric: Do any of you other Galliera owners have this problem? I think I'll send it back...such a bummer, I love this style.
  14. Can you send it back if you've used it? I understand that you wouldn't know that this would happen until you use it but will LV take it back? I thought that they will not take back anything that has been used.