does your DH or SO try to interefere w/ your chanel addictions?

  1. my fiance doesn't even want to hear me utter the word chanel...he thinks i have a problem and need to stop. we've had several arguments on this subject already. so, now i'm buying them behind his back (we don't live togehter, so i just have my friend send it to me at work), but i'd much rather not have to do this. anyways, wondering if any of you ladies have the same problem.
  2. LOL, I am reading this post to my bf right now. He thinks im totally adicted to tpf and Chanel and Gucci and ect. lol yes its a problem. If you have your own money and can afford it he needs to relax, if you depend on him for finances I see his point. I dont like to do things behind anyones back . I hate being shady I feel guilty. I hope I dont resort to doing I have a purse hating boyfriend.
  3. no, i don't live off of him or anything, i work and earn my own paycheque, that's what i don't get his problem is...we do have plans to get married, but nothing's set yet, we don't even have a date, so it's not like we know what we would need to save for our wedding...anyways, it's alittle frustrating right now.
  4. so far, all my bf knows is my addiction to balenciagas, he don't know yet of my new addiction on chanels :p
  5. He knows better. Besides, look at his little "toy" that he bought for himself. Honestly, if it has wheels, he'll buy it. I think he's crazy!!

  6. wow, that's impressive, both the house and the toy.
  7. My husband doesn't say anything much about my LV purchases, but if he knew how much I spent on my Chanels he would die! Even though we have seperate bank accounts and bills still get paid, he just doesn't understand why someone would want to spend that much money on something like a purse. I guess that's why my new bag is sitting in the back of the closet right now! :smile:
  8. yep, and that's why my ultimate soft is still sitting in my friend's room in pittsburg.
  9. Maybe right now it is a control thing? One thing I've noticed over my many years of being married, divorced, and dating is that women always make statements such as "My BF/DH won't let me", etc., yet did you ever notice that men never consult women on their plans, purchases, etc.? Okay, maybe I shouldn't generalize but MOST men do as they wish when it comes to their own life, yet attempt to control, oversee or have a say in what their women do.

    If you make your own money and aren't even married yet then he can go pound sand (IMO). As you said, it is his problem. But know that he is taking mental notes of your spending habits, and finances are one of the top reasons couples divorce. Once married, the fair thing to do if you are both working is contribute jointly to the household expenses and savings, and anything left over is your own disposable income to do as you wish.

    Now if you were living soley off his income it is respectful to discuss major purchases, not assume that because you are taking care of the house and maybe his children someday that you are entitled to spend freely, even if he makes millions. Mutual respect goes a long way in a relationship.
  10. Oh no, you've found a man who doesn't have a weak spot for anything. Discuss money and expenditures before exchanging vows. This is an issue that most, if not all, couples face. Disagreement over money is capable of pulling a wedgie in the relationship.
  11. My DH is addicted to his Audi, always on the Audi forum chatting with the guys and souping up his vehicle for way beyond the speed of light. He buys expensive stuff for the audi with his money (turbos, new software chips, gasoline systems, wheels). I buy an overwhelming number of designer purses with my money. No problem!

    PS: one of the Audi Forum guys has a wife who buys Hermes, so DH is thrilled I haven't yet started buying them ;) . That's it ladies, tell your man to count his blessings, unless of course your are a H lady! :graucho:
  12. The toy is just plain weird!! WTF is he going to do with that thing. He actually has alot more cars that I have Chanel handbags.

    Thanks for the compliment on the house. We added on. It looks bigger than it is. It is only 3 bedrooms.
  13. OMG I bet your DH and my DH have crossed paths!! LOL Too bad we just got rid of our Audi. We have always had Audi's and this is the first time in about 20 years that we haven't had one. My license plate was AUDIOS. Get it? Adios but it was an Audi. Ha ha. Most people thought it had something to do with a radio.
  14. i did hide the first 3 chanels from my husband, because he thinks it's crazy to spend so much on a bag. we had many fights. but now, i just let it go. i am buying them with my hard earn money. now he knows it's my passion and they make me happy. he went with me to pick out some bags a few times. but i try not to involve him that much. depending on our moods, the fights do stir up again sometimes. and i also complain about the things he gets too. so i just tell him he buys whatever he wants and i won't comment and wish that he do the same to me.

  15. u cracked me up maxter! :lol::lol::lol: