Does your boyfriend/husband like your new Dior?

  1. Mine thinks women are crazy with fashion and doesn´t understand anything about purses :shrugs:
  2. My DH thinks the purses I like are ridiculously overpriced - he does like the bags I choose for myself; but, that does not negate his frustration over their pricetags. :p
  3. Mine thinks I'm nuts, but he just got me a mega-expensive bag and I even ask him for opinions and suggestions.
  4. Mine is Danish and he always says " u know i keep thinking about you your bags :yes: " and i was really happy he doesnt mind my addiction and he is just after revealing that bags in Danish means breasts as well...bastard :p
  5. LOL!!!!! :roflmfao:

    My BF doesn't really matter much, except he does make the odd comment about my spending, and he isn't too happy when I leave new bags in odd places (like on chairs and desk-space) because I haven't made room for them yet.
  6. I just compare my bag addiction to his addiction to cars and audio equipment. It's a lot cheaper!

  7. couldn't agree more, my DH will gawk at the price of a bag, then I remind him of the price of a turbo manifold. :p
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    mine leaves me to my own devices most of the time, but since i'm dipping into my allowance money to fund my bag purchases, he does get worried i'll overspend and not have enough money to eat or for our textbooks. he's given me pep talks about not spending so much on bags but he's more "into" fashion than the average bloke, so he's fine with going with me to harvey nics, selfridges, the boutiques to have a look at bags and give me his opinion about things.

    oh and he likes them balenciaga bags (not so much love for my gaucho though):sad:
  9. I don't like the veiny and cracked look (with visible white streaks) of the Balenciaga Le Dix/City/Motorcycle/etc. leather. The Dior Gaucho, on the other hand, doesn't have that look at all, which is why it's hard to counterfeit the bag (to give it a washed look without making white cracks on the leather).

    Plus I'm not a big fan of those long whip-like leather tails...I can imagine them getting caught in something and tearing off!

    (sorry if I offended any Balenciaga's just a personal preference)
  10. :roflmfao: at the tails/tassels. it's *kinda* true though, since i've been using the bf's balenciaga (he finds it too feminine to use after getting it) for running errands and going to school, but those tassels are always getting caught by the zippers! :cursing:

    the lilac balenciaga motorcycle bag looks very lovely though, i :heart: the purple shade.

  11. Your BF had a bbag? Which style bag is it? How fun to have such a fashion-forward BF. (mine used to be this way, then he discovered jesse james, motorcycles, and tattoos). :shame:
  12. I agree with Loganz! I wish my BF were this fashion-forward
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao: at the jesse james, motorcycles & tattoos.

    well the first time i met him at some uni event, the first thought that came to mind was "man he's cute! but i guess he's so definitely some gay bloke doing the architectural or design course." :roflmfao: so that kinda explains the fashion forward bit i guess. the man even knows his skincare products and asked that we go to the boutique that stocks viktor & rolf when i was planning our weekend trip to amsterdam. the funny thing is he likes his prog rock and metal music too. i guess that's why he likes those bbags, he finds that they're classy looking with just a bit of rocker chic edge.

    he's got the motorcycle (that's the large longish ones that most celebs have eh? i'm completely bbag clueless) in the black colour. he never got round to using it after buying it and is instead using some bulky bag i got for him from h&m.

    the first time i heard him comment on a designer bag was the fendi b-bag. he absolutely loved it (along with the red gaucho when the gaucho was first launched). we were just at the chanel boutique in amsterdam yesterday and he thought the python tote was very nice (he'd rather i get that then the new giles deacon/mulberry metallic bayswater).
  14. hmm, sounds like the City bag. You are a lucky GF to get a "hand-me-down" City bag!! :yahoo: Your BF sounds like a doll - in fact, he sounds exactly like my DH when we first met - my DH has retained his skin-care savvy (he is an Art of Shaving man) - but the rest of it - well, I already explained that. :rolleyes:
  15. I know it probably doesnt count, but i always help my mum choose her clothes, bags, shoes, etc. Im like her stylist :biggrin: