Does the lune bag come with a detachable shoulder strap?

  1. I see some pics with it, and some without....:confused1:
  2. I don't know but it you look at this site you can see 2 Luna Bags~ one has a strap and one doesn't. I'm no help but have a look~

    edit~ I'm not sure that both are the Luna bags? I know the black one is~ again~ I know I'm not much help but I am trying!!!!
  3. I seem to remember that the larger one comes with a strap and the smaller one doesn't (even though it looks like the smaller one also has the attachments for a strap)...but not sure.
  4. you know i'm starting to think that too girls, that the smaller one does not have the strap, even though it has the rings on the side for one.

    Hmmm.... I may call balny tomorrow for them to clear up why or if a strap is available for the smaller one.
  5. yes, there are 2 sizes of the lune bag...
    one is taller than the other, and the taller one comes with a shoulder strap...
    the shorter one has the rings, but no strap (which is very strange to me, but oh well!)
    here's a pic of the taller one from bluefly...


    i think the taller one was $2495 and the shorter one is $1975...
  6. Thanks Kimair. I noticed the thread a while back with you sporting one on your arm at the store. Very good for referencing and I'm so glad you took the pic!!

    I do think its odd that the smaller one has the rings but no strap.
  7. never seen this style before. thanks for sharing!
  8. don't own it but have seen it in different colours, its gorgeous but i prefer the motorcycle bags more.
  9. I think it is very gorgeous!! I saw some on *bay and considered buying one, but as starrie said, I do like the motorcycle ones much better.
  10. I have seen it before but don't like structured, not my cup of tea...
  11. Nope, and I will never be the owner of it as it´s not really my cup of tea;)

  12. Thanks for sharing. It's an eye-opener for me.
  13. I saw this bag on eBay a few weeks ago. Quite liked it, but didn't bid on it as I thought it was top-handle only. But I think it may be also a shoulder bag. In any case I prefer the City.
  14. I like this style actually... Not as much as the City... but I like it... especially the yellow!
    0044.jpg 0047.jpg 0046.jpg