Does the Louis Vuitton Inventeur plaque tarnish?

  1. Hampstead owners and owners of those other bags with the plaque...does it tarnish like the hardware does??? Im just curious as to what it would look like after a few months/years of use?
  2. Undoubtedly it will over time, especially in warmer enviroments. Not sure how long it'd go before the tarnish started though....
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the plaque is the same material used on the other hardware. That means that it will tarnish over time. How fast will depend on the weather and amount of use given to the bag. Even when it does tarnish, its not a big deal, you can clean it with brass polish.
  4. I have a sophie (purchased Dec. 06) and a hampstead PM (purchased sept. 07) and neither have tarnished yet. I haven't used brass polish on the hardware before so I should probably go buy some...
  5. My antigua hasen't tarnished at all yet and it's more than a year old. I wouldn't worry.
  6. i only got mine 2 or 3 wks ago... i hope not
  7. i had my hampstead GM since july of last year and so far the plaque hasn't tarnished yet :smile:
  8. My plaque has not tarnished yet.
  9. I wouldn't worry about it. I think it will take a long time and maybe it will never happen...who knows?!
  10. great question!
  11. i have my sophie, i guess it is too early to tell. i hope not though.
  12. I have the Lambskin Rivete Bag for almost a year now and have used it on and off ... so far the plaque (and the whole bag) still looks the same as when I got it.
  13. I just got a Berkeley---I certainly hope not! It's so shiny---it's like having a mirror! I can use it to apply my lip gloss.....LOL!:yes::yes:
  14. I think it would. However not as fast as the OTHER type of brass that LV uses (eg. the type of brass on mono cles, mono speedy) since the plaque is the "shinier" and more polished type.... I find the latter chips less too which is why I prefer it more :yes:
  15. GOOD question, I have wondered the same!