Does the idea of a “sale” motivate you to buy more?

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  1. With the PCE event approaching, the word "sale" just keeps me wanting to buy more & more and more :drool:

    What a powerful four letter word:smile:
  2. It is powerful (and my dh would argue dirty too when it comes to Coach)!

    I've actually had to start avoiding the outlets b/c I find I get waaay too tempted to get things simply b/c they're on sale (and knowing the retail of most of them doesn't help!).
  3. Isn't that the truth! Often times I've ended up buying more just because it's on sale. And not just handbags or clothes... it even gets me at the grocery store. One of our local grocery stores has a monthly buy one get one free sale. I walk out with way too much food!
  4. It's true that the sales are very enticing, but I've too often bought something that was only 'ok' because it was less expensive and then had to return it.

    Someone on tpf posted great advice that said you should only buy it if you'd choose the same thing at full price. I thought that was great advice.

    Of course, when it comes to accessories, it makes it harder to resist,but I find I'm now waiting more for what I want than settling.

    It's an ongoing battle!:yes:
  5. the word "sale" is like a promise of a fix to a drug addict for me LOL
  6. I figure when there is a sale you can get 25% more than what you would have!!! LOL!!!
  7. sale is a dirty word, but clearance is even dirtier :graucho:
  8. I must have dyslexia because when I see the word "sale" I think it spells "free"!!!
  9. haha awesome. i must suffer from the same malady ;).
  10. I totally agree:roflmfao:

  11. Amen to that!!!
  12. To a certain extent. I usually make a list of things I want and if I get an item cheaper than I thought it would be and I have extra money, I get another item on the list. I would buy the item regardless, though, if it is on sale, I would just purchase it sooner. I try very hard not to buy random things just b/c they are on sale. I found I waste a ton of money that way and I don't love the purchases as much.
  13. The problem is the items that you like, but not love enough to pay full price, so when they are on sale, it's the right price.
  14. That's how I got my leather soho flap in saddle. I really wanted the chocolate signature but went to "browse" at the outlet and saw the saddle and had to have it cause it was only $111.

    Me and sales have a love, hate relationship. lol
  15. Definitely! I find that I can justify "saving" money! But as someone previously mentioned, I find that I buy things I probably wouldn't have purchased at full price (because I really lie them, but not love them). I'm trying to work on this!