Does LV bag have authenticity card?

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  1. I bought one chanel bag and one LV bag from Saks, taking the great deal of buying 2 bags then get $400 G.C.

    But i just realized that neither of the bags has authenticity card. it's my first time to buy Chanel and LV, so I'm not very sure should every LV bag has a authenticity card with a series No.? I bought a neverfull GM, just got the dust bag and receipt with the bag.

    I do believe the bag is authentic, but just feel weird why there is no authenticity card for this bag, i thought every LV bag should have one...:hrmm:
  2. wow, how lucky your Saks allow LV in the program! Chanel should come w/a black plastic card w/number matching the hologram sticker at the bottom of your bag. LV don't have any auth card, just date code (2 alpha 4#s) embossed at the seam of bag and heat stamp w/words of Louis Vuitton Made in XXX/
  3. LV doesn't supply authenticity cards for its products. If you purchased your LV from the LV store at Saks (or at any LV store), then it's real!
  4. Great, thanks so much for the info! i used the gift card to redeem $400 for the neverfull GM. Just think the package of LV bag is a little bit 'too simple' ... it's my first LV bag. :smile: