Does Hermes not do snake skin?

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  1. Hi

    i just realised that i have never seen/heard of the above for birkins or kellys.

    But then i am a noob...

    so correct me if i am wrong.. but i am getting the impression that Hermes doesn't do this reptile..

  2. I was wondering about that for a while now too, because Snake is the only exotic I like. I never saw a piece or even a picture. I'd love to have a snake bracelet or wallet.
  3. I saw python bags for the new spring/summer 2010 collection ( For example a large lightcolored Kelly). I believe they haven't done it before because snakeskin is rather 'difficult' to maintain (because of the scales that can start to lift after handling)?
  4. At the moment you can buy Phyton Orans.
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    I've wondered this too! I have a beautiful Anya Hindmarch agenda in python, and I love the feel and appearance of it... but I don't think I've ever seen an H piece in snake of any description :shrugs: ETA, just took a snap of my agenda and realised it's getting old and raggedy... I need a new one! :lol:

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  6. [​IMG]
  7. tash71 Very Cool.
    I have to ask in store, if they come with heel too.
  8. I was at FSH the other day and this season they have various shoes available in snakeskin, not just the oran. I saw some pumps and wedges too!
  9. ^^ yes SA says some new S/S shoes coming in snakeskin.
  10. hmm.. so they only do for small surface areas? :P
  11. no i have seen larger bags in snake but honestly they look crappy and fake. snake is really looks best on small items. i have seen only a hand full of snake bags that actually looked decent, and only one that i thought looked GOOD and that was an LV ...
  12. occasionally you can find vintage pieces ~ i had a karung snake constance at one point.
  13. Now I remember they had super high sandals last summer. I think I have a picture somewhere ...:search:
  14. Great! :yahoo:

    I bought the same Orans today! I love it!:yahoo:
  15. I've seen both python and karung/some kind of watersnake, in the vitrines of FSH, but never seen any for sale. I guess you can SO snakeskin, or actually, I've never doubted you can SO snakeskin. With Hermès so much is possible.