does coach make stuff specifically for outlets?

  1. i was told that coach makes stuff specifically for outlets. hence it is lower quality.
    is this true?
  2. I wouldn't say that it's lower quality exactly. The stuff they make for the outlets is usually not signature, or variations of popular regular price items. I like the quality of the straight-to-outlets leather totes, and I bought some nylon swingpacks that were made for the outlets, and they're great too.
  3. Yup they do make things directly for the outlets.. if I'm not mistaken I think those are the pieces that have Coach and then FACTORY written right under it on the outside tag. And I don't think they're of a lesser quality at all.. I have a twill hobo made just for the outlets and it's just as pretty and functional as the rest of my Coach purses :smile:
  4. yes they do, and no it is not lower quality.
  5. I have heard that they do. I haven't notice a difference in quality between my Coach store and outlet purchases.
  6. Coach Factory or Coach... I've never noticed a difference and in all honesty, I'd rather buy from the outlet. I've noticed (atleast around here) that the outlet ladies are much more friendly than the ones at the regular stores and I really appreciate that... it makes the shopping experience so much more enjoyable. I'm a ridiculous Coach Outlet shopper... My thing is I have to walk around the entire store three times for fear I might miss something. It's kind of funny but I feel terrible for the people I drag there with me (usually the boyfriend). WOW! hehe :o)
  7. Katie, you sound like me! I walk in circles at the Outlets and I feel like a trail of SAs are behind me trying to figure out what I'm doing! But I need to see EVERYTHING at least twice before starting to pick things up. Otherwise, I wouldn't make it through half of the store before deciding to buy 5 things!

    I haven't noticed any difference in quality between my store and outlet purchases... I love them all equally!
  8. Woohoo!!!!
  9. I walk around at least 3 times too...but I do pick stuff up! Don't want someone else to get my great I circle the store with my arms full!!!
  10. I think I walk around 6 or 7 times and each time I find something new that I want
  11. So funny -- I thought I was the only one who walked laps around the outlet store, picking up stuff and carrying it around while I tried to decide on what to buy. LOL
  12. Haha OMG I do this too!! I want to make sure I haven't missed seeing ONE single bag (bc who knows that could've been the one you were looking for all along!) I usually pick up whatever I like along the way and then later if I don't want something I'll put it down. There's nothing as frustrating as seeing something you like and then having someone else snatch it!! So if you see something you like.. GRAB IT girls!! You can always put it back later ;)
  13. Yes, I would say that the vast majority of the stuff at the outlet is made for their factory stores. They do get some of the retail store stuff after it has been pulled off the floors and website, so it is the stuff that did not sell, but how much of that they have varries greatly. Quality wise, for the most part I don't see much difference, but they have certain styles they will only make for retail and certain ones they only make for the factory stores.
  14. Lol, I walk laps too what a work out!
  15. I've heard they made specific lines for the outlets as test trials to see if they will mass produce it and introduce it to the stores.