Does anyone use their Birkin as a baby bag if yes what size/leather works best?

  1. Hello Ladies,
    Need help deciding which Birkin to order as a diaper bag. I have been reading that Fjord is as close to water proof as it gets. But i still cannot decide Togo or Fjord. Any advise or experience with it is highly appreciated.
  2. MIB I would chose a togo 35 for your purpose if you intent on using a birkin - but you might consider the Victoria other members here have found that having the option to shoulder it makes Victoria more practical.
  3. I have a 30cm clemence but I think the 35 cm is better if you don't mind the weight. What you will need is an insert such as bagmate/VIP/chamelon as an organizer. These purse inserts have slots for bottles and they will prevent spills inside your birkin. You will likely want one of those hooks that hang from the pram/stroller to hold your birkin when you need both of your hands.

    Also try the Victoria as well. I believe Patz has a thread with pics on how she organize her Victoria as a baby bag. Good luck.

    I think both togo or fjord would work. I would certainly pick the lighter of the two and the leather that shows your favourite colour better.
  4. Oooh - or a 34cm Lindy. Easy access and still the shoulder option.
  5. I'll go for a 35cm if you're using it for a diaper bag, but perhaps in epsom? It's a hardy leather, but lighter in weight than either togo (heavy) or fjord (very heavy). You don't want to lug too much weight around if you're already having to care for a little one.
  6. I'm interested in this too,so subscribing to this thread.
  7. My Eleanor thought this black ostrich Birkin would be a great cat carrier ! Took this quick snap, because it was too cute to resist. She now understands that Birkins are only for Moms and not furbabies. :yes: :yes: :yes:

  8. 35 in Togo would be my pick. Epsom would work too. Having been down this path, I have to say that for me, a Birkin was not an ideal "everyday" diaper bag...better as a special occasion diaper bag. There was just too much going on to have to worry about it; the lack of a shoulder strap and its weight can be cumbersome. Ziploc bags were key. Good luck!
  9. Also another great and not so costly alternative would be the Lg. Longchamps pliage. I use this as a diaper bag now and just recently bought the sugar booger diaper organizer pouches to put in. I absolutely love the pliage bc the shoulder straps are long enough, the pliage material on the inside is so easily wipeable and it comes in so many colors. If milk or anything spills inside u can just wipe it up and it will be brand new. Also its foldable and SUPER lightweight!
  10. hermeslady, your black ostrich with GHW is :drool: worthy
  11. it sounds like a great idea but they really arent all that practical as such--i actually found the garden party to be ideal. I bought the medium is the black/gray toile with black leather. it is light, squish-able, clean-able and the straps will fit over your shoulder or the stroller handles with out distorting the bag shape like it did with my birkin. of course you need an insert or something-- i bought several plastic lined vera bradley zippered pouches and that worked great for me.
  12. Thank you ladies for all your help and advise , i will definitely take all that into consideration when making my order. Truth to be told, Birkin wouldn't be the best choice for a diaper bag, but hey, any excuse to get yet another Birkin works for me. LOL
  13. Hermeslady i love your picture, the cat is too adorable
  14. How about a GP as your everyday diaper bag and a 35 epsom Birkin for special occasions? That should work!! :p